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Good morning I'm Nathan And I'm Karen Moscow U.S. future is looking at stage a comeback They're rebounding off the worst levels this morning and moving higher We're coming up to 5 O one on Wall Street and we check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S&P futures have 5 points down futures up 6 NASDAQ futures up 54 The Dax in Germany is down four tenths of a percent and your treasury up 6 30 seconds yield 1.84% Nathan Karen stocks did sell off overnight after yesterday's hawkish tilt from the fed but U.S. futures are bouncing back from session lows J Powell signaled a march interest rate hike but also stoked speculation about more aggressive policy in the months ahead I think there's quite a bit of room to raise interest rates without threatening the labor market By so many measures historically tight labor market With a yield curve flattened on the heels of those comments from Jay Powell this morning two year yields are rising while tenants and 30s fall former fed vice chair Alan blinder expects a rate hike at every meeting this year Think about where we are now We're almost at a zero rate of four rate hike puts you just above 1% That's hardly a Central Bank that's trying to clamp down on its economy Former vice chair Alan blinder says the fed will continue to be data dependent on this morning money markets are now pricing 5 rate hikes from the fed this year Nathan U.S. stocks sank after the fed decision and that trend continued overnight with heavy selling in Asia We get the recap from Bloomberg's Juliet Sally in Singapore Good morning Julia Good morning Karen the MSCI Asia Pacific index posted its biggest drop since February to hold at 14 month lows as a number of indexes in the region teetered on or entered bear market and correction territory China's CSI 300 filled 20% from its February peak to enter a bear market South Korea's Cosby also entering a bear market Australia's ASX 200 was down 10% from its August peak to enter correction In Singapore Juliet sali Bloomberg daybreak All right Julian thank you So how much further is the Federal Reserve willing to let stocks slide We have a prediction from the world's biggest hedge fund Bloomberg's who need a young joins us live with the details Good morning Good morning Nathan It's the burning question of the moment for market watchers and Bridgewater associates co chief investment officer Greg Jensen says the fed could let stocks drop as much as 20% more That would put the S&P 500 below 3500 near its pre-pandemic level Justin says so far the decline over the past few weeks has been mostly healthy because it's deflated some of the bubbles like cryptocurrencies live in New York I'm ready to young Bloomberg daybreak Renee thank you Stocks are also under pressure this morning from earnings including disappointing results from Intel that ship makers out with a weak profit forecast for the current quarter and we get the story from.

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