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But that was also the last time all four members were on stage together when FREDDY got sick, obviously, he wasn't doing a whole lot of appearances obviously wasn't performing. But he did show up for the last time with the with the other three band members to accept that award. So. Yeah. Kind of sad sad. Well, let's talk about a Queen moment. That is not sad. Vary in fact, triumphant and that was their Live Aid. A lot of aunts have very memorable performances from live eight. It was a cool thing that happened you to they have a very memorable Live Aid performance in the lot of a lot of bands. The cars is a lot of cool concert footage from that. But it one of the highlights of it was Queen in full regalia kind of in their prime early eighties. Just Frick and crushing the whole thing. Going to great with the twenty minutes at twenty minutes at twenty minutes. If you can't do it in twenty minutes, you better go home kids because Queen can do it. So there you go. But also, I guess after that happened there sales like sword like their backtrack listings. Wake went crazy. After that. What do you have on their terms of do you have any information on that? As far as the sales are just it was. Well, no, not really I just kind of gave what I had about that. I mean, they opened with an rhapsody closed champions. Kind of one of their best performances ever. Yeah. Absolutely. I just wanted to see if I can quickly pull up the the set list. Of course. I just know what they open closed with though, they don't, you know, there's nothing there's nothing like just boom Queen you. You know, what's wrong with Google typed in queens. It's not that easy anymore. There's too much information on the internet. Now, you can't just you know, you have to weed through everything. Now, you have to actually read that raid who does that is you it? But that's just blows my mind twenty minutes at like, you're you're usually at concerts for what two hours for one person an hour. Well, like, forty five minutes and Vince Neil's case. But I think that that blows my mind, I would rather I would rather them. I'd rather band leave me wanting a little bit more than me going like I. Now, I get I'd rather have a kick ass twenty minutes in a boring two hours. Yeah. Of course, obviously. So let me take a look here. Real quick quick. Or what we got? He digs are costumes. Do you like a costume? I can't pronounce I want to put a lot into this. I did I I worked all day on this costume right here. So I believe that they're set was Bahamian rhapsody radio Gaga hammer to fall crazy. Little thing called love. We will rock you. We have the chance pretty solid set list. It's pretty solid twenty twenty one minutes. You know, another one bites the dust. While speaking of another one bites the dust that is on my list of one of their greatest moments. Leave it to Queen to do a disco song that just I mean, just crush rock radio. On rock radio with the discourse on. Yes. The Rolling Stones did emotional rescue miss you. But those compared to another one bites are kind of flaccid. I mean, another one bites thus is a really hard drive, and it's a very hard driving tune. It's a heavy tone. As what is that crazy thing? They do in the middle with all the weird sounds. I mean unbelievable. Well, I have something to say about that song. It's one of my favorites. However, do you remember the commercial for the sound system? I think I don't pronounce it. I wa w where? Bob in his head and everybody's driving by he's in the car driving. Every he's Bob and his head have a good time all these people driving by with a look of disgust. Then it pans out..

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