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Intra community violence right and no evidence that it improves public safety. Thank you in ten floors amazing. Let's pass the MIC. Take down this way to Beth. Tell US beginning Elevator Alabama yes yes. I'm a journalist and I write about prisons in Alabama. You can imagine what that's like and on my elevator or steps head coach of Alabama Crimson Tide Nick Sabin because I'm convinced if he doesn't get involved in this discussion people in Alabama just are not going to care about prisons so that would be my dream to talk to Nick Saban Zaven about what's happening in our prisons Alabama is I think the worst example in the failure of mass incarceration our prisons are completely overcrowded the most overcrowded in the nation the most violent the Department of Justice just call them cruel and unusual in a system wide investigation that I've been studying and writing about what does that mean for people who are locked up and these kinds of places. Aces it means that they live in constant terror in constant trauma. They are re traumatized over and over again. The system is broken. It is criminal genetic. It makes people all who are already traumatized need help worse. So how do we address these conditions of confinement in a way that's meaningful and sweeping and not just piecemeal through litigation which is how it's been addressed since the beginning of prisons in our country. I think Nick Sabin people like you need to care about this issue because it's all of our issue. It's not just an issue for people that have a loved one. That's incarcerated. It's not just an issue for people that work in the criminal justice system. This is all happening on our dime. We are paying for these tax payer run institutions to commit violence to be indifferent to people suffering and and so all of us have a stake in this and I think people have influenced need to speak out and demand that there be changes made in the system until abolition can be a real reality. We have to address address conditions of confinement moment because I think it is the human rights disaster of our generation happening. <hes> I also would like to tell Nick Sabin that there needs to be more of an even playing field across across the board and the criminal justice system between the prosecution side and the criminal defense side Alabama has no statewide public defender that means after you're convicted and you're in prison unless you're one of the one hundred and eighty people on death row. You are on your own trying to appeal your sentence. There are no resources given to the criminal defense side of law in many states but especially in the state that I live in <hes> but the guys that I talked to that are incarcerated rated that tried to appeal their sentences are working and unairconditioned cluttered law libraries that have typewriters and no copy machines. How do they make copies to send their appeals into the courts? They pay the administration a dollar dollar a page which they don't have or they hustle somebody else that's in the prison that can make the copies for them. So things like that lead to disparate outcomes. It's not about justice and there needs to be a more.

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