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Broke this on ESPN plus air on the bad guy on our show, but Eddie Alvarez Alvarez's contract is up with the. You have say, what that means is he has one fight left, which tomorrow that will be that fight when he gets out of the ring win, lose or draw. He is no longer under contract to the you have see now, I'm sure that he would like to remain under contract with the this is a gamble. We've seen guys do this before. I'm going to try to go out on top. I'm going to try to elevate my stock so that when I come back in and talk with you guys about a new contract, you see me in a new light with the new value. Very risky. However, if you do it and you succeed, it does work. That is something where if he comes off a win over Dustin Pori and looks great, and his stock goes up, the UFC will absolutely wreck. They won't deny it. So that was a risky game. You played, but we're gamblers ourselves. So what the hell let's talk, but that's that. That's what he's up to right now. He's going to become a free agent win or lose. He's going to become a free agent and win or lose. He's hot commodity. So I just think you've got some really great stories here. They go into this match, and I'm really glad that it's finally going to happen. You know, if you look at this card this on free TV he got Josie, Aldo's gonna, fight, Jeremy Stevens. That is a main event fight in any arena in the world. That is a main event fight. This card is so good. That's Komeda that just to give you something to look forward to your wanna not champion taking on t. shirt Torres. That is a main event fight in any arena in the world that hosts MMA. That's a main of fight. That's the third fight on the card. Just to tell you how good this card is. And you know there is a piece of the story. With teasha Torres and John that hasn't been told, and I don't know why, but that is they used to be teammates at American top team. Now, let me clarify that because I'm actually speculating on that. You'll wanna buy set of American top team. Teasha Torres used to fight out of American top team. So before I go too far with that, of course, there is an opportunity that teasha was there and gone before Joanna came in. I cannot verify for you that they were ever training or sparring partners. I've just going off memory and they were there at the same time on my memory. The way I remember it, they did overlap in anytime you get those training partners, workout partners, the down the road meet up. It's interesting. It adds an element to it. We'll see football. We'll see it in football where two great players or to college teammates, and they got drafted by the same team, even our far you want to go to the store, but then one of them leave. Cbs. He gets traded somewhere else, and then they gotta play each other. As simple as that is it's a great story. Even the NFL will use that storyline, even a basketball when teammates get separated, and then they meet back up. It's a good story line. I would like to know for sure definitively from somebody. And I know I know there's people out there. Listen to the show that. No, I, I would like to know the answer that were those two training partners, and how do they feel about it? Was this a situation where teasha thought she got the better of Joanna was as a situation where you wanna thought she got the better of teasha who asked for this fight, are the coaches split did teasha as one of the coaches to corner her, but they're gonna go Joon. Instead I like those parts of the story and Emma maze small world. And we've seen friendships and we've seen gyms, we've seen breaks a breakup over this. None bigger than John Jones and Rashad Evans, none bigger at that time. We're still seeing speaking of teammates..

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