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And then from all those, you know different pools pick the best players for Arizona. And and and that's what I'm going to do and you're going to see a well-balanced roster. You're not going to see the United Nations where guys like you have trouble pronouncing names, you know, I got Martinez Dollhouse kiss cuz I was over there and let them have that one named you nailed that and and yeah, so yeah, I mean, I think that's you know, the recruiting wise. I mean, I'm excited and I understand it might be a little bit different here. It can be different but you don't have to sacrifice on the character, you know the fit the work ethic dead. You know and then obviously talents part of that equation to you don't have to make sacrifices there. I don't think so. So hopefully I never do. All right, we'll listen take your family over to Gentle bends down take him to dirtbags tonight. Okay, when I come out I'll take you to dirtbags, but do not do not bring your family to dirtbags. Okay, that's that's maybe a solo trip for me and you and we're a lot older but you know back in the day was pretty good wisdom from Jeff Goodman know there you go. Listen congrats happy to have you in to log on and make sure you have a seat at the end of the bench for me. All right saved into the bitch know. Listen, you're going to be in press row with a partition in front of you. That's where you're going to be. So hopefully there's no part to hopefully we can bring down the partitions this year. I've had enough of the partitions I'm with you on that listen again. Congrats good catching up call log. Have a spot Take My Man. Thursday.

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