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The investigator and then that turned out to be false they said mills did not warn clinton was using the private server until after clinton's department state tenure is the note from mills on may 28th 2016 in her interview with the fbi she stated that she was not sure if she knew what a server was at that time in an aberdeen also denied knowing about clinton's server until leave the state department two thousand thirteen aberdeen did not know the clinton had a private server until about a year and a half ago after or win it became public knowledge and this was the summary of this fbi investigators review in after his interviews with two start combing through the emails you'll find out met whom abidine and cheryl mills both in this this is common knowledge by the way this a met told you guys he thing new you find out who aberdeen aimed cheryl mills both were exchanging emails with hillary clinton on that private server talking about the private server so this investigative team had the emails in their possession that showed these two lying as well as hillary clinton lying but they still let them off the hook they actually lied more so than what michael flynn lied yet michael flynn is the one being prosecuted right now in whom aberdeen shale meals and hillary clinton are off the hook that's a big problem in we can't just let this go because the the muller council has decided to send this guy off to the mail room or whatever this is a big issue and it's a big for my eyes with in their investigation somebody's got to answer coordinate a lotta dogs or calling for this thing to stop we'll talk about on the other side hank type mrs yellowhammer news i'm jay holland the westcentral i'm obama chapter of the association of the united states army invited former army captain gary rose and vietnam veteran to tuscaloosa monday in recognition of his award of the congressional medal of honor by president donald trump rose was credited with treating more than sixty soldiers during a fourday battle behind enemy lines in laos more than fifty years ago during the vietnam war antoine wilson twenty two and ronald king twenty seven the two inmates who escaped from st clair county correctional facility in springville monday are still at large wilson is serving a life sentence for robbery and king is serving fifty years for burglary rape sodomy and sexual torture in two thousand thirteen if you have any information about their we're about call eight hundred eight three one eight eight two five.

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