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Forty that twelve forty seven on KNX more than a quarter of people in southern California say they've quit a job because the commute to work simply took too long as the finding of new survey from the placement firm, Robert Half, Kim Garstang in the accompanies LA office tells came extra stage, a quality of life issue, that's becoming increasingly important. There's no question about it. And I think that you know, it's something that in hot job market like the one that we're in today. It's something that candidates definitely think about when either accepting job or deciding to to leave one, and she tells us the issue can often be more important for candidates than the rate of pay for the next four days leaders in the legalized cannabis industry will gather in downtown Los Angeles considered the capital of cannabis. So how is it that the city of angels has become the cannabis capital of the world, it has the most population. And so therefore it has the most amount of cannabis consumers and scalp Warne is by far the largest legal recreational cannabis market. That's Nick Kavazovic CEO of Kushko holdings one issue that may come up during the cannabis world, congress and business expo is the illicit market of dispensaries that have yet to get properly licensed by the state of California and the lingering black market was a little bit of tension there. And I think there's some strategy involved in how do you really shutdown this elicit market and roll the sales it should be happening in the legal market into these newly regulated licensed operation, ultimately, he says they'll have to see how it. Plays out at the state level. Margaret, caro- KNX ten seventy NewsRadio twelve forty nine now on KNX and a high school student in Austin, Texas is suing for the right not to stand during the pledge of allegiance the student was expelled for refusing to stand during the pledge of violation of state law. According to Texas attorney general Ken Paxton in a statement, he says school children cannot unilaterally refuse to participate in the daily pledge of allegiance the parrot. And now former student have filed suit claiming first amendment rights are being violated, South Texas, College of law, professor Gerald trees believes law is an example, of course, political speech state law does at least allow opt out or saying anything, but sometimes speeches conduct expressionist found up. But that's why I was think the student has a valid argument. Chris FOX, four CBS news. Austin Rams hall of Famer Jackie Slater has our football insiders report. That's coming up in just ninety seconds. It's twelve fifty.

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