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I don't know what the press is saying. Listen to the press too much, but I know that the view is I'm like emotionally unstable, which is reality like, like, you aren't, you know. No. What I realize I've become is one of those man's scientists who does the tests on themselves. I, you see to make sure that they work and that's when you know, okay, look, I got something that works. You know what I'm saying? I'm not gonna give you something that I haven't tried and tested for myself and and you know, you go through and and you learning by way of experience and you make mistakes and you get enough. But that's the thing is like, you know, a friend of mine once said to be, he said, look, if we weren't supposed to turn around wide car, have a steering wheel. You know, we just pose a crash into the wall and the wish to say, listen, I was going the wrong way reverse. That was an interlude from Lauryn Hill's. I guess, famous slash infamous unplugged album which came out a few years after her debut solo album. And we wanted to start there because people always talk about Lauren hill is though would happen to her as a mystery. We treat it as sort of this unsolved caper Angela lansbury on. But the truth is she left us the trailer breadcrumbs. I mean. It's all right there you. She walks us through it. I mean, she recorded that MTV unplugged in July of two thousand one which released the following year and it's long. It's like an hour and forty seven minutes. It's all new music. She hasn't do a single song from the missing Lauren hill. She's debuting new material and between the songs her between song patter is basically an explication for state of mind where she's been all this time. She doesn't explicitly say that the recording of miseducation of Lauryn Hill messed her up, but she talks about the problems of being very successful artists under the age of thirty. Let's keep in mind to still really young when all this is happening. Yes. Also, a mother and a mother? Yes. And having to tore with babies right in the cost takes to be able to maintain that kind of perfection that we demand of our stars through these interludes. She paints. Really interesting portrait of person caught between two worlds and sets of expectations of what industry executives want from her, but also what she wants to put out to her fans and what she wants herself to is an artist. She gives us a real sense of that push and pull, which we really didn't have insight into after the album came out. She does kind of disappear and does go off the grid a little bit. And so when she resurfaces with is really raw material that wasn't very well received when it came out, she kind of walks you through why she goes from this very highly produced sound to this really strip down acapella instrumental interpretation of music. I mean, she had barely just learned how to play guitar on it, and she's doing ninety minutes of Qatar play, which is so baller if you think about it, like, isn't that the risky want? Musicians take, not just keep producing the same type of sound you're used to over and over again. She's not maroon five after all, geez, I hear you, but listen, if you play guitar and you hear this record, I don't know which I feel about that. Oh, my gosh. Why clearly do. Not play guitar. So, but the album, one of the things about how it was received has a lot to do with the fact that miseducation of Lauryn Hill was so good. And this was at a time when music was going, and you know any number of particular set of directions. And Lauryn Hill was not going in any of them and she sort of carved her own path. And I think that whatever happened when that record came out, just really did a number on her. It's another example of something we always talk about here, which is famous the disease, just the way that it warps people in. Yeah, this is the mup-. Yeah. So she's now on tour celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I went to see her in Philadelphia. She is straight up only playing songs from that album. Yeah. I mean, she doesn't do it in order. She keeps some of the interludes with the, you know, the great structure of album. Yeah, is that it is a clash from session and they're..

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