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Process lined up here. And I'm trying to fit it all to the coconut forty three catches for five hundred and fifteen yards in six. As a senior and that was only like salad you're okay. So we were pretty fair enough. All right. So let's get into team analysis. Kick things off with Robbie Russell here. quarterbacks are Marie and Cam Newton running backs, quite Edwards Allaire de Andrea Swift James, White. Chase Edmunds Rockwell, armstead receivers, Mike Evans Portland Sutton CD lamb Anthony Miller chase. Klay Pool, and Quintas. and. Then you have tight ends being Zach Ertz, Evan Ingram no offense checked oil and debonair. Chiesi they've to me a little bit of overkill on the tight ends cost them needed depth at running back and wide receiver here it's got a lot of rookies and young players that if they break out or you know are not bus, certainly, this team could be one to be tangled with I just I the the difficult part for me on this and and I know Robert explained us when he called in I still am t McCaffrey at the one on one just can't get. There and that's why it's preventing me from giving a glowing recommendation of this of this team here. Yeah, I mean the receiver jobs is just not up to snuff and then by taking that verse. Hilar-. In and then you know swift as your number two, there's so much uncertainty at running back I'm looking elsewhere for a favorite team in the in this we Josh Hayes from row baller Patrick Mahomes, Daniel Jones Kirk cousins at quarterback running back. Christian. McCaffrey. David. Johnson Levian Bell various guys and REX burkhead wide receivers. Decay Metcalf Brandin Cooks Shot Pyramid had. Jerry Judy, then zone mims and Tyro Williams tight end Greg Olsen Towel Rudolph and Jimmy. Graham they I I don't with Patrick Mahomes I would not have taken a third quarterback running back. Corps is really really good here wide receiver I think Lance terrorists is pointing this out in the chat room. There's a lot of speed among these receivers that he's got his team depth there too much of this building to depth that these positions was that the cost of tight end he waited until round eleven to take his first one and Rudolf and Graham, not passing the test for me. Yeah, he really got penalized around town when that second here's Fred Enron, hit and because he had been taking, you know Paran. Rugs Judy. And I don't know I'm not saying he caught him by surprise breath think he really should address a position earlier and it did it did Kinda hurt him. Man Getting leaving on in the fifth round is so outstanding McCaffrey David Johnson Levy on belt with the homes there steers turn out. Great. If he can any type of production out of Olsen Real, you might have you might have a shot I don't know that I can count on it though it's probably going to need some production out of those three rookie receivers to like one of those probably have to hit in order for him to have a dominant team here. Paul. In here at the third spot, Dave Watson Jimmy Garoppolo Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback running back Saquon Barkley. Todd. Gurley Chris Carson J Dobbins Jordan Howard Sony Michelle at running back. Receivers are deandre Hopkins Christian Kirk McColl Harden Mike Williams Corey Davis, Jj data whiteside, and then Darren Waller Antonio Excuse me Austin Hooper and Tyler I for I think the quarterback and running backs are a really good. I. Think the tight ends are good to is he going to get enough spike weeks from receiver? The receiver position. My guess is no but who knows? I mean. His you know. So he's got first of all he is watching is really great Waller, and Hooper you know I for whatever. So while we're hooper also great wanting backs outstanding Barclay girly Carson Dobbin Howard and even throw. Solo but he was six running back. So he's clearly looking at starting Hopkins Kirk and then getting little bit production out of the Hardman Mike. Williams and so forth I like the team a lot I mean there's running backs are so outstanding. It's just it's tufted I mean Jordan Howard starting running back for the dolphins. So he's got five starting back on the shelf for the Patriots four and a half five and a half whatever it is I think these mcquaid themselves very well here you know I don't. Love Love Love Hopkins by mean still hundred freaking Hopkins. So when you have that as inker wide receiver I. Think you're in pretty good shape I like seem quite about Evan Silva from established the run has Dak Prescott Derek Carr quarterback running back Ezekiel. Elliott. Aaron. Jones a carry Kerryon Johnson Duke Johnson Devante Freeman and Darwin Thomson Receivers Amari Cooper Terry McLaren will fuller Jamison crowder Brandon Curtis Samuel Golden Tate Titans Robin Rakowski Dallas Guard and Blake Darwin, and this is a good balance team here by by that. Drafted you know it's funny as is the receivers on the surface and he drafted a couple that that I usually stay away from but I mean if they work out I, think his his quarterbacks and tight ends they're gonNA, be good and then he just needs he needs to production from Kerryon Johnson as he waited to take him as his number three running back until round eleven. Do Johnson's pass catching chops will help devante Freeman. If you get signs will will help I just don't know how much. Yeah like. A bit. Tight ends worked out well for him. Dak Prescott was good too. I mean overall team like you said, it's well-balanced. Value to carry on Andrew Johnson so I assume overall quite about good nice job Frank Lu. Pratt Lamar. Jackson. And Philip rivers are his signal callers, Alvin Kamara David Montgomery Ronald Jones Antonio Gibson. Darrow Henderson Justin Jackson at running back receivers Julio Jones Odell. Beckham Michael. Gallup. Preston Williams Paris Campbell Robbie Anderson Miles Boykin. Tight ends are Jared Cook turned and Gerald Everett. I like what he did at tight end despite waiting until round eight to to grab one I, think the three that he got are solid quarterbacks obviously more than good I liked the top four receivers for sure and then he's he's got some potential with the receivers after that The question for me on this team is is the running back position chimeras obviously going to be great but then you look at Montgomery potential Timeshare Jones potential tonsure Antonio. Gibson, I don't know what's going on with Washington and then Darryl. Henderson is obviously gonNA need some help with the camakers injury to be relevant. So for me, the question is running backs, but again I think this is a pretty good. Pretty. well-balanced. Team. Yeah I mean. I think you know running backs Chimera, my around Jones, and then receivers Julio. Beckham, Gallup. So is your top six right? That's pretty good. I mean. But the thing is the thing it's easy for us to forget is that he still has Lamar Jackson in the third round. So when you have a guy that gets a he gets a quarterback and then he gets like like three quarters of a running back on top of it when. You really starting ten positions. It's pretty good. I, mean really he kinda snuck it's almost stuck Lamar Jackson in Seoul ended up with a pretty good team with all the Max. A regular quarterback I like the way it worked out for him pressing.

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