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And I'm Brad this park gland era and today we're talking about Yellowstone National Park. We'll tell the listeners brad about when you down and you're going to get closer to the Bison Oh man I was in the car and I was rolling I have video going yeah I was walking towards the Bison and all of a sudden tim shouts I shall Brad be careful. They'll charge you and I just turned around and said that's okay. I got money and I started walking down towards the Bison and of of course this was all staged. Don't don't think I'm complete idiot was all stage. It's really fun That's a that's a video that we put up and people really like nerds Dorks just like making fun of us because they know that's just how we we got. We got a ton of hits on that everybody seemed to like it. You know it was so much fun. But and that's the thing about yellowstone. There's just so much to do and after that we went on over to grant Village to the campsites and we ended up getting the last campsite. Yeah that's right and all of a sudden I see two people walking with you. What had tim do this time time because he meets everybody and I love it? Yeah but he brought back. I'm Daniel and the Tasha Hano Yeah Canada and and what they were on a cross country trip yes under motorcycles right like three weeks right everything that they had was on those those two motorcycles and they were camping that kind of and they made great company around the camp. Oh you know at night just had so how many great conversations and I remember even you inviting them to pinedale where we went after yellowstone. We stayed on that lake Fremont Fremont Lake and they camped with us there and so we met these people shared campsite and then just kept on traveling with them and that's the beauty of the road right and that's when I just lost it I'm like map. We gotta do this. Yeah Yeah and Matt's back at home and it's like yeah right and then like I think I think after the third phone call one day like Oh what about this one. What about this one? That's Matt started freak out. I'm like okay. This is a happening again. Yeah Yeah and then thirty days later we're buying an RV right and we're getting ready on the road and all that kind of stuff but it. That's for another APP. You guys. You guys moved fast on that I my wife and I were like the guys are doing it. Can you believe that. They put their loft on the market. They're selling everything and going on the road trip and I just two weeks and just changed everything in the loft flipped it. We went on our first Test and that's that's the beauty of it. That's the road. Though we were able to do in yellowstone and and you know driving across the country and I mean that your I drove across country multiple times for work and it was one of those amazing experiences where it just really Lee inspired me. I said if I can do it this way and our visa can be cake. Yeah and of course she's inspired from the badlands. Yeah very much so so these these places and then when you combine that with the RV lifestyle and it all fits together so so well. And I'm so glad that we did it and now we're doing wing it absolutely and you know the memories with Tim. Burton here. Burns may put farm have been huge in our life He's inspired us and many others across the United States to travel to enjoy life. He was even the efficient at our wedding So this guy he. He married us. Yeah and over. Spilt beer in my lap was asked Out To dinner I was in Chicago. And and the FELLAS does ask me. Hey We'd like to take you to dinner and I said Great. I'm always up for a free meal and of course I didn't know if I was going to be buying that neither but anyway so we've never turns is out you buy it so we went to Publican in Chicago. And so we're you know small talk just chatting about our days and things like that and then Matt looks at Brad. What's this will? Aren't you gonNA ask and Brexit. Oh yes so matt and I have been talking. We'd like to get married goal. And we'd like for you to officiate. Our wedding and it was just silence. Because that's one of the that's one of the nicest things for somebody somebody to ask you to do is to bring them together type of thing and I was speechless. I'm never speechless speech. I said we'll yeah. Well thanks Brian. I I was speechless. I guess I'm not a preacher. I'm not a priest. I'm not a minister. And they go. Oh that's okay. We got that figured out. There's a you can go online and get your license Through what is it. Universal Universal Life Church Universal Life Church. I'm a card carrying member as well. Yeah and so I went to shake. Brad's hand I and I said I dumped the beer. In my it was your land in your lap. So officiate so it could have been. That bad. Just had to kristen me with beer. Yeah yeah so that was that was that was great you know the yellowstone experience was a great experience. Not For just me personally in terms of what I got out of it As far as like the fishing and the beauty and that kind of thing but it elevated My relationship with Brad and my relationship with Benjamin as well because we were experiencing something together I don't say this loosely and I've only said this to a couple of people but And again I don't want to sound too dramatic but this is the type of experience with Brad that kind of has elevated it To the point where it goes beyond just being an employee of mine It's almost like a father son relationship Especially for me because I grew up fishing In the eastern Sierra with my family and when I sit back and I see our fishing experience whether we you know on video or pictures and things like that that it it really Brought me closer to Brad Because of the experience that we had together like that and it was the same way with Benjamin but with Brad It was for me. It was like a father son excursion outing. And that's all I'm going to say about that because I don't want I get choked up and then I completely agree with that. It's one of those times where it's just. You had the time to process it as your away from everything you know. Have all the technology your hands and you're able to really look at each other and just enjoy each other and I even shared with you like I didn't grow up fishing right and shoot dude. I probably had to pull my hand less than the Mount of fingers on my left hand. Yeah like there's just no time that expend on that and I felt like a little kid and it was one of those experiences where it was really amazing time and I knew that because you told me you. He really didn't have any experience with fishing and I was like. Oh my gosh you. And that's too bad because there's so many great memories that I have and I was was hoping that that's you would walk away with that. Great Memory I definitely. Yeah and even within that I mean after that when I was Jumping into this. RV lifestyle. Like whole body. I I mean there's there's nothing left behind If I needed something you were there if you if we needed help getting the right trailer hitch or anything you you lead me through that in a way to where to not make the same mistakes you might have made. Taylor's I'm I'm I'm a believer in learning from other people's mistakes. Yeah there's no reason to try to reinvent the wheel it just You know get the right stuff and so I appreciate that. And every every step of the way that has gotten us into this lifestyle because is without your guidance and conversations I would have had made a lot of mistakes where now I've made minimal like just dumping my tink on myself like just crappy situations nine from scituate and and now a Tim. Burton of Burton's Maplewood Farm. You've been listening to park land area. 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