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Submit it really is quite stunning the great work that they have done their yesterday they had over sixteen thousand seven hundred and three students I guess the number was logged in their average February attendance was fifteen thousand five hundred and seventy five so not only are the teachers and the administrators in Hilliard embracing this teacher calling the students just to make sure they're they're getting them involved but the students and the families are responding even at a higher rate than they did normally today during the press conference the governor suggested that the kids will be home for longer than their expected April third date for parents who do have those kids at home Ohio's museum are stepping up the Ohio museums association has a list of museums offering virtual programming and other online events as a way to engage with people Bali covert nineteen shutdowns continue among the options across the state the baseball heritage museum has daily content on Facebook and Instagram the Cincinnati art museum has an online collection on its website and co site offering day Lee science content as well lots more links can be found Ohio museums dot org I'm Jacque Crumley the Columbus race for the cure the largest nationwide series of cancer research fund raisers has announced today that their race has now been postponed but no later date has yet been set for more on the corona virus go to the I heart radio app and then tap the podcast tab for the latest news and information this news a service of legacy retirement group I'm Alison Wyant stay connected to Columbus on the hour and a half.

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