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Her extremely enticing that was the beginning of the relationship, but it was also the beginning of the problems. The perfume was the fifth of ten sample fragrances presented to her by the perfumer commissioned by chanels lover A. Russian. Grand Duke hence the name Chanel number five that perfume became the core of the business one whose sales rose meteorically chanel biographer how Vaughn says that soon, after the birth timer brothers went into business with Coco Chanel, the fashion Easter had sellers remorse is years went by Chanel believed probably on incorrectly that she had gotten. What she should have gotten for the business. And that it was only a clever Wertheimer's who had somehow cheated or out of this. When World War Two broke out Chanel saw a unique opportunity to try to reclaim her namesake bran using rules. The Nazis put in place against Jews like the Birth Timers Lisa Cheney and Hal Vaughan pick up the story. She was connected with. Trying to oust them from the board of Chanel using the organization laws. This was partly in reaction to the fact that in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, four, they had had her chanel thrown off the board, and so it was this constant tit-for-tat when the Nazis came to power, she had a series of goals one of the. Goals was to get her perfume business back and to do this, she worked with a man whose name was Dr Kirk Block. Is a terrible man. He was one of the leading Nazis in Paris whose business was. Using the laws, Hitler's area laws to seize Jewish property in one thousand, nine, hundred, forty, Germany had occupied France and Paris was occupied by the Germans and if you were Jewish it became more more difficult to do. Anything without license and that was very much included people in the arts. Writers actors, playwrights, artists, all those kinds of people. Aryan. Ization laws also dictated that Jews could not own property. It would be confiscated and given over to the Nazi government that would include the Chanel brand. PM. Timer was. Very. Handsome. But he was very charming man under partly. Very calm. But he was always as was his brother. They will always determined that Chanel was not going to get the better of. Pierre and Paul Birth I'm able to get out of Paris before the Nazi clamp down and they moved to New York. But there was still the matter of their company Chanel. How Vaughan Explains Their Plan essentially what the word I'm as did was to sell their business to a non Jew. Aaron Felix Amnio was his name. He manufactured aeroplanes for the French army and eventually ended up by manufacturing aeroplanes for the gym and lift. Wafa. So, he had a certain protection built in. And in fact, he used that. He used his major client Curran Goering. Commander in chief of the German Air Force. The lift Walker to stop could blog from seizing this property. Kurt blog tobacco off and Chanel was defeated. Because Felix Amnio aided the German war effort, the Wertheimer held a great deal of leverage against him as they went to buy their company back. They basically arranged for a witness protection like arrangement for. Ami. Oh, who could have been prosecuted on war crimes charges Amnio sold the channel business back to Pierre and Paul Vert timer but the brothers were far from done with the company's namesake. She was a wildly old thing. And this disgusting law happened to be around and so she was going to try and use it to her advantage. But the motivation did not come verse Wolfram Antisemitism at came above all from her her fury at what she regarded as about bargain. It became kind of a litany really for her first large part of her life. Until the last part for life when they brought her out and looked after her actually. The relationship was very, very rocky all over all of these years although there is some evidence that Paul Wertheimer was very very. He was enchanted by Chanel. To say if he wasn't in love with her, there's some evidence that he might have been in love with her. Chanel biographer Rhonda Gillick suggests that Coco Chanel might not really oppose the timer brothers at all I'm on news and now back in the day. To me that in fact, was all a kind of play acting which anelle performed this desire to keep the control in order just to give credibility to the complicated maneuver, the farmers had achieved I've had suggested to me that infection factional understood this was happening and her part was being outraged ready. Rest, control in order to make it look good. I. Cannot tell you to fascinating. Once. Again. Lisa. Cheney. The war in nineteen, fifty, four, chanel I call it a comeback after she had given up her fashion house for fifteen years and she decided to come back and all the rest of the Schnell company worried about this happening and they strongly advised the vet has not become involved. Peer. Actually went to see her certainly wants perhaps more than one occasion and he was convinced that this was probably on balance a good thing, and so he told her that he would back her. This letter. Chanel wrote to a in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, four, peer died in nine, hundred, sixty, five in this letter she says my dear Pierre I was very touched by your personal letter. As you thought all my desires are now fully gratified by the native modification in our agreements to which you allude. This was the time as buying Chanel out so that she could run her couture company but they didn't buy her outnumbered way thereby. Such that she was actually looked after and this is what she's referring to in this letter. I am persuaded that the future reserves for us both as much satisfaction as how collaboration has brought me till. Now, she is referring to the last forty years of their relationship, this difficult relationship but as I told you from now on, I am depending above all on your moral support. I am grace you tenderly I don't think anyone could write a letter like that twenty years after the war if their relationship had simply been an acrimonious. As I said, it was a many layered nuanced relationship and for me that letter. Says it already? They are called vert timer at Freyre literally birth Heimer and brother when you're talking about a lane and Girard, it's not clear which is the main birth Heimer and which is the brother. But in reality, the output should be called birth Heimer family since they reach in thoroughbred racing goes back to nineteen ten Pierre Birth Heimer was first introduced a Gabrielle Chanel in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two at Longchamp racecourse the regular home of the Arc de Triomphe Europe's biggest race Chanel biographer Lisa Cheney. Says that their complicated relationship even extended.

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