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For another six million. The original owners, the Henry family will keep the south Padre island location. Breaking news on the hour at the half and anytime at W, O A, I dot com. Brought to you by I mart credit union. I'm Kerry Lockie on News Radio twelve hundred W A. I this report is sponsored by car, lots. That's car, lots with z car. Lots offers car buyers, the convenience of dealership and sellers the value of a private sale. So you can have it both ways. Visit Conlon's today at I ten and sixteen. Oh, four inside the loop. Twenty nineteen alternate eighteen nine eight. That's right, alternate just eighteen nine eight. This is Vic bond owner Nissan. New braunfels. The seventy two hour Somerville is on with twenty nineteen Altemus eighteen nine eight over one hundred Altemus with big summer, savings at nissanusa Broncos ins Monday night, Nissan, a new braunfels dot com. I thirty five exit one, ninety one in new brothels. Call us to ten to seven seven five thousand pre-owned excludes tax tectonics, registration one fifty expires month are found the whole experience of buying a car pleasant actually find. Is the place looks at twenty nine hundred Kia Optima LX for only one fifty nine a month or Lisa twenty nineteen Sorrento LX for one ninety nine a month and every new vehicle from Seattle's at the lifetime warranty and lifetime. I got the car I wanted with alone that fit my budget shop online or visit any caucus store in San Antonio hardy, brothels four left office with regret it. Call eight six six six seven two two seven to one for details. Most people don't like taking their car repair shop, because I feel like they're gonna get cheated or that the person doing the work has no idea what they're doing at Cambridge. Auto you can always count on getting straight dot with answers. You understand Cambridge auto has specialized technicians for all makes Ford GM dodge plus foreign makes including BMW and Mercedes. So instead of going to the dealership for service, visit Cambridge auto. They stand behind their work with twenty four twenty four thousand mile warranty. John center across the street from USAA Fredericksburg road. Blake Stevens was.

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