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Meatier roles is Sherry Hughes. These radio 700 wlw. The radar is all cleared. It's 68 degrees right now. President Trump says he's cured of Cove at 19, and this does come the day before he's planned to return to the campaign trail President Trump now declaring himself free of the Corona virus. I've been tested totally negative. I'm going to be out in Florida tomorrow, working very hard because this is an election. We have to win. The White House officials did not respond to questions about the president's claim. Dr. Sean Conley's latest letter indicates the president is recovering and is no longer contagious. But he has not answered questions about the president's condition in six days. That was a B C's Rachel Scott. The Ohio Department of Health did report almost 1300 new cases of covert 19 this afternoon with two more fatalities that does raise the death toll in the state of 4900 and 99 in good news over 143,000 Ohioans are now presumed Who have recovered from the virus, and a huge partnership is in the works to make you safer when you vote in the Buckeye State. Wal Mart is partnered with the Ohio secretary of state, Frankly, Rose's office to distribute necessary P P E to Ohio's County Board of elections as they prepare to administer the upcoming election. 800,000 masks 27,000 gowns and 29,000 face. Shields were donated and or purchased by governor Ed Wine to help keep voters and poll workers safe. Ohio's voting safety plan is in place and Ohio's 88 County boards of elections seven requirements for early and Election day voting, as well as recommendations for voters to run a safe and healthy election. I may see Jepson Today. Kings Island welcomed about 3500.

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