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A little bit where. I guess he. He called her a bad teammate. And then one of his former colleagues went on a podcast and he shouldn't talk because he's basically a little more detail twos a mean alhassan. Who was the guy who called was a front office insider for espn. He was on the dan lebatardshow which is now longer guy in and he trashed wodel. Do or as you mentioned calling. Rachel nichols a bad teammate. And he said he was getting in the way of black reporters getting their name on stories and he was ripping their work away and putting his name on it orders who were closer to the playwrights. Closer to players. Then he was because he couldn't develop those relationships and he and so that's what amino acid was as sources are office guys or video coordinators that are trying to move up the ranks and you get a promotion so he's not really in touch with the players and the guys in the locker have a lot of good information but you know backstabbing insecurities in business now shock. How come on this is these people you know. They manufacture this crap in their brain that they have to do it. A certain way and they have to protect their own interests and unfortunately comes back to haunt them so espn knew about this for a really sucks. This is it's a it's a. I don't know if he's a partner but in some way shape or form he's connected to lebron james who taped rachel nichols without her knowing it. And how do you mean. Lebron james taped rachel. So this whole tape from. Rachel nichols some key. There was a guy that was doing the taping bright. Who was talking to her. She was venting yup to a friend and she did not know that's right was being secretly taped calf right and this guy is a part of lebron james group like i guess that somehow some way is i think you're getting confused the not the guy who was taping it the guy she was on phone with. She was venting to a guy on the phone. And that's where those comments came from. He had no idea it was being taped either. She had heard device open. That allowed her to go on the air remotely because this was last summer when everybody was doing things remote right. She did not shut off her device. It was getting being back to bristol connecticut where it was being recorded. I was off the air but it was running tape. Yes that's how it was but the person she was talking to is connected to rich paul and that whole group which represents lebron james. He wasn't the the person all right. So nichols who. According to the new york times report had inner contract service. Host of the halftime show criticized the company's efforts for diversity and suggested that she You know resulted in.

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