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Handsome Matt. And this is the holly car show for 543 42 77 for one of our texter says. Do you know if that ruling by the Supreme Court regarding the extension of the deadline for counting ballots in Pennsylvania could be revisited before the election? Once a CB takes her seat on the court? I was wondering the same thing. I don't think so. Unfortunately, I also wonder if Pennsylvania goes blue. If it can go to the Supreme Court after the election now know they're not going. Then I got an interview at fear once the once the ballots have been counted. I think we just gotta We gotta win. Just win. Baby is ah Al Davis, the owner of the old Oakland Raiders used to say, Sharon, you're next with how a car. Go ahead, Sharon. Hey, Ali, How you doing? Very good. How are you? Good. Thanks. I live in Delaware. And I am just, uh, just dismayed as to how quickly people forget. I mean, we lost our General Motors plant. We lost our Chrysler plant. Avon. Ah, lot of the big companies just Just left, and that was all under Biden's watch. And it is just just alarming. And I've actually thanks, guys. Thanks got rich Sharon and they gave Hunter a real good job Fresh out of law school, didn't they? They did, and I actually started with them being a back in 1983 when they first came to Delaware, and I am just shocked at what actually went on with the company that I thought so highly off. I was really, really appalled by it all, to be honest with you. Are you close to Wilmington? I'm gonna Middletown, But I mean, where is that compared the Wilmington? I just wondered if you know that computer repair shop. Um, I am familiar with Trolley Square because I actually looked it up on the computer. And I actually really worry about that Gentlemen to I don't know. You know if anybody else is worried about that, but I think that should be a real concern. He's concerned about it, You know, you know they should be keeping an eye on him. But, you know, guys died by driving up and down the road, and I'm seeing all these signs for Coons. And you know all the Democrats. I'm like, What are you? I just feel like In their driveway and asking them what what? What are they doing for you cleanses? The Senator Coons is really pushing a packing the Supreme Court. He's kind of like Biden's attack dog in this whole matter of the Supreme Court isn't a Yeah, He really is and scored his office a couple times and I spoke with I I don't even know I talked to actually or with their position is, but it's like no comment. You know, on the Hunter Biden story, and it's like he's the one that you see him. You know, with this just pop down and his on TV talking all the time you were on the camera. And, you know, just, you know, boost in the whole Democrat point of view, and I think it's totally totally wrong. Is the local media covering Hunter Biden at all? What's that? I'm sorry. Is the local media Delaware? Covering Hunter Biden at all. No, not at all. And I actually contacted the news journal newspaper and and and if they were planning on running any stories, and they said, all we have to send in an email, and so they weren't calling many either. And they wonder why they're going out of business. All these broadsheet newspapers, you know? That they're not covering the nose..

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