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Food some time to get in the forests with shellfish were part of their diet to uh yeah i i want there to be dodos really that i look forward to perhaps i think the recently discovered some dna evidence of the dodo vienna they hadn't done through who knows to some scraps of bones and all that kind of stuff and people have stayed on it for years and years and just recently in the somewhere in the 2000s the discovered something with enough dna evidence that you know it's like the mammoth where you sort of hope that they can re uh it's a ground pigeon is the dodo it's in the pigeon family so if we can sort of reverse engineer the dodo per will for what it's worth winds or brits believed the dodo still exists according to a study from the world wildlife federation people ran yeah i know once upon a time the sun never set in the british empire that's true that is through anybody you know it also who knows maybe the brits are hiding secret goto may be buckingham palace hadras of barrio dan very limited bounce on a aren't what if there is some form of dimensional travel of which these saw squad she's a member of a vote came up in our in writing say i want to say that once upon a time the unicord's figured out how to slip through dimensions okay and again the big foot was sort who about to get extinct.

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