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This midday live. We are talking to a friend. Jim roope. Let's twist. Reporter. And we're going to hear now about another story regarding a Charles Manson follower is this that same woman that keeps coming up for parole, and she's a model citizen and Leslie Van Houten actually parole. She was I'd forgotten that. Yeah. How is she doing about? We haven't heard much. So she's out and about doing her thing is stealthily as possible. But this is Bobby Beausoleil who was convicted of the July twenty sixth Nike sixty nine murder of musician. Gary hinman, Gary him in you may you may know, he played with the beach boys a little bit, and that kind of thing Beaujolais himself was a musician. But and I guess everybody kind of knew each other than that compare to paying a canyon area. Yes. And allegedly or what the reports are is that hinman sold booze in the Manson family because Bush was a Manson follower some masculine, and it was apparently bad so booze lay in and Van Houten. I think in in another woman went to get their money back from the bad drugs. Hinman wouldn't give it to them. They called Manson over Manson came down to Hickman's house, and they tortured them for several days wound up stabbing him to death in then so. He was convicted on that murder in many believe that's the very first mass family murder because just a week or so later around the first week in August, August eighth I think was the Tate lobby the Tate murders, and then the next night, the lobby Janka murders. So that whole that whole helter skelter thing began with this Bobby Beausoleil and the Gary hinman murder. Has she been a model citizen through that? Or is this you're going to be like, let's see Manhattan, or is there bobby's a guy, but but there wasn't much. Information given to us about what kind of prisoner. He had been Sharon Tate. Sister was out there opposing the the parole because now the the the board recommended parole, so he's seventy one. Now, he you know, he apparently has enough credits. As far as his behavior in prison, or whatever he has learned education that kind of thing same deal. It was about how. So she was must be it must be an old, man. Now, seventy seventy one NATs. Manson was Eighty-three when he died in two thousand seventeen imprison. And so the governor Newsom though, he takes office on Monday. He couldn't fix the whole thing. You know, he's still has one hundred fifty days once he gets an office to decide if the booze lays Pearl can move forward the parole board recommends parole is up to the governor to actually granted. Icy is the family of the of the victim spoken up at all now. Well, person we've heard from has been Debra Tate. Yeah, she's against it really calls into question. The issue of Justice and the weighing out of Justice versus rehabilitation versus what are we used to call it where people pay their pennant penitentiaries how much penitence people pay. And I don't have the answer that Debbie Deborah feels very strongly that these people, you know, they they did what they did. And they must pay for life. And that's that in whatever the whatever gave the board the indication that he is either remorseful enough or has reformed enough over the forty plus years. I guess he's been in prison. All spend a lot longer than that. But all these years he's been in prison, then that's the reason for the parole. But we don't know the exact ruling from the pro board just yet because this was just handed down. I think Wednesday, but we'll find out. I would imagine at some point. And then the governor again has to weigh in. So we'll see if he actually gets out and on well, Jim happy new year. Good to hear your voice, and we'll talk again soon. Thank you so much Jim Roope. Westwood One news contributor, I'm willing to take your calls at eight hundred two to five to to the Butterball controversy has heated. Everybody up all day long, and whether or not the shutdown is an appropriate response or whether an emergency Nash, the government emergency being declared as way that the Mr. Trump may get his wall funded is an appropriate way to use his executive powers all important issues. Eight hundred two two two five to two this midday live..

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