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Nine six seven let's go to Laurie in new port Richey yes I was wondering if somebody has a DNR my father that do not resuscitate gel I overturned last what do you are a living will there's there's two types of DNR this one prepared by an attorney which is a living will is a yellow sheet signed by a doctor right so a living will for example does not have anyone else's name on it it's a soft directive signed by your dad that he's terminal vegetative unconscious in stage he doesn't want to be artificially prolonged electronical and all this high tech or like life support equipment odd the document that I prepare says that no one can overturn that that's his decision so basically if two doctors come examine him and he's thermal vegetative unconscious and stage no chance of recovery and they follow the living world and no one can overturn that sometimes the challenge doctors on whether he's reached that condition so if you're his power of attorney health care Sir you could challenge that decision that he's terminal vegetative unconscious in stage and maybe come up with another doctor's opinion that he's not that way you could probably started a well I heard that lady talking about her mother pocketing the food and all that find out what he's doing and now they told me that he probably won't make it another five to seven days oh my goodness all right does that mean they're watching him and ideas he can only have enough like that shot type thing in his mouth water and more faith yes and people now that pain every four hours so I have to get out there before I ordered twenty do that and he says well you all you so you don't really want him artificially mane of prolonged because he's in this horrible condition was ever going to get better right well that's what I don't know because it gets me an art and I take care of all route and it just all of a sudden it got.

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