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Playing. Dan Hampton Song, Man. Let's check in with The Hall of Famer and 7 18 Morning. Dan's. You have a good time watching the games yesterday. Good morning and It was I hate to say it kind of Ah lesson in, uh, pro football. 101 for Our beloved bears to kind of take note ourselves. If you if you stand back and look at it, what do you know? What's the common denominator of the Final four? These four teams. We will see battle it out from Sunday in the A, C and N A C championship game. It is the position that we can't get correct and You look at it and it Z. You look at the M V p voting for the National Football League this year, the three quarterbacks That will come in 12 and three are gonna be joined by Tom Brady that the goat the greatest of all time winner of six Super Bowls, so It only underscores the fact that you know having them Going to go through that 90 minutes. Session of psychobabble last week. It's just it makes your head spin. Just thinking. Hey, hey, cut to Did you think that the press conference that they threw Travis Key under the bus? Because a lot of people think that was the case. Did you think so? Gentlemen, Let's just put the cheese on the cracker, he said. Four years Get in and drive the bus they brought in a coach and coordinators and quarterback whisperers and all this You know, all this stuff suggested that helped him become functional. And if the bear modicum he's been, you know, a passable or occasion. But let's be real through this gives played himself under the bus and You can just, you know, keep you know wishing on a falling star are you want? I mean, you've had four years you've seen it and Um, you know, the Bears made a big deal out of that that Pip squeak three game winning streak at the end of the season after losing six in a row. Well, by the way, there were two other teams in the NFL that lost six in a row. Other coach and GM Boca Farm. So what I'm saying is the great players the good players. They won't let you get into a six game, you know, run like that. We didn't have anybody that you know, came out there and did anything about it till we got to. You know, the 30th 31st and 32nd ranked defense and football, and then we were able to be, you know, somewhat. Viable. Hamp the kind of watching the Saints run that a lot to take on a Monday morning this on and so is watching the Saints run that flea flicker. Yesterday that the Bears try to get them the week earlier. Seeing them hit pay dirt with it for for a touchdown. I mean, it's almost like kind of that. I mean, I guess, in a way, I mean, that's how the NFL is right. You're you're always looking for ideas and looking Tonto borrow beggar steal whatever you could find from other teams, but it It's kind of like pouring salt in the wound a little bit in it. Absolutely. You know, it is what it is. We we had a chance. But the Saints nobody receiver comfortable and are nobody receiver dropped it and You know that's the difference in the game of football and you could go back and look at you know it's true breezed in throw three picks, and if it's if it's well, it's it's about making place. And you know, the Bears were in a position during the game last week down in New Orleans forever today. Be able to make a play. And yet when we're down 73 A minute 48 left on the clock. We're just you know, in our 20th are 18 yard line. We've got two timeouts. We hand the ball off three times the third time to our third string running back. It tells you that Not only can does this coaching staff not believe through this, he can make it play. They don't even want to give him an opportunity because they're scared to And you know why they're scared? Because if he throws one of those crazy passes and it becomes intercepted, then you know the Avalanche starts. So again, it, uh It's nothing else. Anyone that's ever watch the game of football takes away from you watch basically going to transpire this weekend. It is More pass rushing is great and you get a cover corner. That's great man and man, David Montgomery was really running the ball hard. All that doesn't matter if you don't have the one position. Take it out in our gentle manager has no clue who signs my Clinton then dressed for Biscay over the two guys, you know who and Then this year, we way trade for folds and then basically emasculated him with no protection, no running game And then he becomes, you know, pretty much. You know, uh, cast off. So it Zubin. It's been a long time coming, but you know we could weaken. Wish you know Tampa Bay. They had not made the playoffs in what 15 years and they decide to take a flutter. On a guy that has been the greatest ever his position and Now they're going to the NFC championship game because of that one player. Tampa Bay last year was a joke. This year. You're going to dream that so again. If if you can't I need to get neon lights and put up outside of Lake Force Town line exit. So ran paste can see it every time he gets off the freeway quarterback. Any chance the Bears are going to get this show on Watson's You're gonna be available with the Bears go after him. They're not gonna be able to put a package together to get in. You know, there's a bunch of you know other teams that are in a position, you know way Since we have zero cap space. We're paying $41 million next year. Think about this guys. As you go to your checkbook this week and figure out how we're gonna you know. Keep the lights on $41 million to kill Leo Mac and Robert Quinn. You guys. That's almost a quarter of your now who? Who would do that? Who would? Who would put you in a box like that? Well, that that's right. It's Ryan Pace. But anyway, the point is, uh, Houston to get him out of there. You'd have to give him three number ones. Now who's Who's worked three number ones. Any. You know, Patrick, my homes, you know, has been that by the way Patrick Mahomes after leaving the game yesterday. Have a new sponsor for me, Sherman. It wasn't much of a hit leave a very important football game in the fourth quarter, but all that being said it takes three number ones. And I don't know what you're getting paid 50 million years. Something crazy like that, so What you do is You. You put on your sneakers and you hit the trail and you find the next Patrick my home. So the next dish disarm Watson and and that's how you do it. Now. I mean, he's uh He's a movie star, and you'd have to go give up the world for him. So you know again, decisions have consequences. Well, we made some really bad ones, and now we're paying for it. Which of these games going to be the best one next Sunday. Do you think? Well, both of you going to be great, you know, you know if my home's comes back, which you know with this protocol, Yeah, I don't think that's his choice to have necessarily to come out. I mean, I think that's the The observed of name made him come out again. Don't you think?.

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