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In concord, North Carolina. Here is your host Mike Bagley, and I'll everybody welcome to another edition of NASCAR live Mike Bagley here with the entire M R N crew, so thankful you have tuned in and are with us for yet. Another weekly get together. We've got lots to cover today. We'll talk to reigning two thousand eighteen gander outdoors structure champion Brett Moffitt on his new ride. We're all. Also going to get a preview of the chili bowl from Christopher bell. We're gonna talk new rules and changes, we'll see on the track with Woody Kane and a whole lot more. I though there was some sad news over the weekend that affected the NASCAR community. Joe Gibbs racing. Co founder and team president JD gifts has to way at the age of forty nine. The son of coach Joe Gibbs JD was more than just his father's right hand. Man. J D background to everybody. Here's probably maybe kids like this treaty gave it everything he had ever experienced ever ever sporty play in nineteen Ninety-seven just six years into the team's existence. Gibbs gave his son the rains naming him team president. I started JD was the guy that kinda prompted us. All let's try something motor sports starts twenty-first JD Gibbs and the MBNA Chevrolet from there. He was instrumental in developing and growing the powerhouse team. Joe Gibbs racing is today. Tony Stewart has clinched the two thousand two NASCAR Winston Cup championship with Joe gifts. What a car owners. It gets puck dollar out. Joe? JD helped expand the organization's single car team in to a or car force winning or Cup series championships. It's rare that's gonna experience some live like this law gave us great day and to Daytona five hundred's by one one hundred of a second. Denny Hamlin has won the fifty eighth running of the Daytona five hundred was a mazing is essentially as the reason I got hired J G R. He's the one that traveled down to hickory and watch me run laps in a late model in the middle of winter and told his dad that he thought I was something JD was such an instrumental part of my early career. And you know, there's a great picture in my parents house that my mom really really likes. My very first start in Daytona. And it's me JD sitting on the wall. And my dad is in the background, and it was kind of like the passing of the torch. Right. You know from my dad having to finance my racing career and be. Mentor to JD thin taking over. So as a special pitcher that we have on behalf of the motor racing network. We want to express our sincere condolences to the Gibbs family into the many affected by the passing of Joe Gibbs racing hesitant JD Gibbs..

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