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Off of it like it's tough which is ridiculous in itself but you know what is going to the I think it's cool truck I like it it is a cool idea it'll change by the time a release by the way item for someone tell me I should invest in test for about a year ago I should've because that cyber truck thing up Tesla shares up four percent after that hello so that's a stock continues to go up two hundred thousand pre orders no you bought a car to stand you're really into the whole thing I love it seven thirty five right now let's check the traffic on the fives again here's bill Jackson well first of all the miss getting through the grapevine on one fourteen east the Texan trail or wrecked blocks the left lane and then on the six thirty five eastbound ramp from one twenty one there's an accident all of that's close enough together that that that is really turned into one long back up now to get through the grapevine heading from grand prairie into Dallas on I. thirty eastbound at loop twelve all Walker the left lanes blocked by a wreck on six thirty five there are accidents no eastbound at Plano rolled eastbound and Jupiter the Jupiter run wreck was first so that the second what happened in the back up and that means that jammed up getting through all of that was but it's adding to the delays with onlookers and it only took like twenty once bonded Bollman springs an active it's been moved to the right shoulder with KLIF traffic on the flights and bill Jackson it's that time of year again head like savings time when the light gets darker and you need a fresh pair of headlights that are up to the task can't remember the last time you replace your headlight bulbs well now is the time visit headlights savings time dot com to find your perfect bowl I'm meteorologist ran breezy and seventy eight today with south winds ten to twenty shifting north tonight low mid forties.

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