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I'm Brian Clark. The United States death toll from covert 19 this past 140,000 people more than 5000 of those deaths in Florida. That's where Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Jimenez says people are being cited for violating a new face mask mandate. First day first night. I think we had about 35 way started 35 people we closed. Close on businesses. It's going to ramp up as we get more and more of our inspectors up and running, health experts say Face masks are the best way to slow the spread of the virus President and Trump's held off on a nationwide mask mandate. But a new ABC News Washington Post poll shows the surgeon Corona virus cases is damaging his approval. Gary Langer conducted the poll. Poll finds the rise in Corona virus cases nationally, damaging the president in his race for re election, a record 60% disapprove of his handling of the pandemic. Joe Biden has vaulted to a 20 point lead and trust to handle it. And Biden that leads Trump in election preference by 15 points among registered voters and 10 points among those most likely to vote. On Twitter today, the president says the leadership of Portland, Oregon, has quote for months lost control of the anarchists and agitators. State attorney general in Oregon sued the Department of Homeland Security, alleging that federal agents are detaining protesters without probable cause. More from ABC is Andrew Dember. An internal D. H s memo obtained by The New York Times say many on the ground are not even properly trained. The Times reporting. One tactical team dispatched to Portland is normally tasked with investigating drug.

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