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No i'm not crazy no you're not not even approached brian about yakking to you because we tip toed and we you're the one that we were like we think she's a human dental run in with tamra barney and i was shook to my shaking like a rattle so i'm glad to be here on the couch with you and your amazing with your warmth i'll say your warmth now guys you know the book is about to come out and i just want to say erica you're in such esteemed company as an author and we just want you to know what you guys are up against the other books in this canon because there's so yes yes we're ready there's some gorgeous words and i don't want to intimidate i really i'm not getting ready okay i'm sitting down here's a little quote hot may be a buzzword but it's also how i described the best there is and the best you can be i've used the word smoking hot for everything from a coveted couture gown to a chicken wing red sauce kelly cholorine bensimon i can make you hot okay her memoir or from one of her novels a memoir memo might chicken wings i mean i do i like wings there's no other novel you know just some pros rose the seal and the ring is the most important step to giving great oral i'll yes miss renovation i witnessed that i you but you know what women along with those because it script the here's the thing about lisa is that and i really liked lisa she doesn't take she she's a fucking she gets it she gets it on the whole 'nother level she doesn't you know stress over its she's fine she's great i love lisa she's been so supportive.

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