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I'll be pretty sorry walking the dock here. Sure. This is going to do it. I just want to talk about Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. You know, Kevin Trent is getting what he richly deserves. And if he should be irritated, he shouldn't be irritated with Kyrie, but himself because he hitched his wagon to a guy who missed a bulk of the games this season due to not getting the vaccination. Then decides to do the Ramadan, which I can respect, but you're in the playoffs right now. They're not gelling and you know how they're not young is because they didn't have an opportunity to play together. I mean, if he's irritated, he should be irritated to Kyrie, but more of himself. I mean, you hit your wagon to the sky, this is what you get. He bailed on Boston's last season and, you know, he's going to mail it in again. It's just, he's richly getting what he deserves. I just wanted to touch on that. You know, I mean, I'm enjoying seeing the collapse of Brooklyn, you know? They wanted during the, you know, during the all star break, wanting to get together. So, you know, what comes around goes around and I'm enjoying the karma. That's all I wanted to say. Yeah, thank you, Joe. And I mean, that's certainly the mentality around here. You know, you look at it from a national lens P rob, do you think that a lot of the folks out there are looking at Durant and there's always legacy talk and this and that and just kind of saying it's easy for bostonian to say, oh, the nets, they're no good. They got that dirty bump Kyrie, but you know, when you kind of go out and take the 10,000 foot view, is it, is this like really damaging to that conversation for Kevin Durant? You have to at this point. I mean, look at it the three years they've been together in Brooklyn right now. Year one was a wash since Durant was hurt, and they knew that going in, but Kyrie gave up on that team halfway in regardless and got Kenny Atkins and fired. Good coach. They had a lot of emerging young talent there that they cashed in on for James Harden last year. Last year was their chance and Kyrie got hurt in the postseason, which has happened a lot in his career, which he's always had durability, which is one of the biggest knocks on him. And then this year, Joe covered.

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