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Amy. Our data and our data. Privacy is paramount right now because is constantly being threatened. People want to get access to what we got. Imagine all your valuable media files. Legal documents entitles distinct stolen or worse getting into the wrong hands and ending up on the internet. And some way i. I know that. I want to know that mike content is protected and now more than ever. It's so important to able to store with confidence now. It is true especially those pictures. You've got paul. I've heard. I got to get my hands on them. All my qasr play outfits. That is why we're here to talk. About the armor luck encrypted sd now ssd stands for solid state. Drive in. this is a really powerful powerful. Where place to keep your information with an app that lets you deliver high grade data security with program performance. That is amazingly simple to use. And you actually use your phone to unlock it right so you have to download software. You don't have to remember all these passwords because what it does is it uses your phone to be your biometric authentication right. You already have it on your phone so you do it like that so you can just get right in and get to work. Yeah i mean amazing. No remembering passwords. Just open the app on your phone or your mac. Tap the button. And you're in. And i through all those photos of you and a lakers shirt. Oh no no never will happen anyway. Army lock delivers both speed security simultaneously ensuring that you get a high grade security that you deserve with the program speeds that a workflow demands plus armlock lets you control who gets access so you can send this somebody you could say when you open up you'll get access you can guess at get access right away. I love that idea that in transit. It's completely locked in. Only the person that you want to see it will actually see. It was putting it in transit. It's safe in two ways. Not only are you able to control. Who doesn't doesn't get access to it but it is durable it is going to withstand that travel. It's not gonna get broken in transit. It is powerful and it's pretty beautiful to look at. Yeah actually you know we were joking about my pictures. But i did send one of these hard drives. I tested it out to my family because we have all these family pictures and i was nervous about sending these family pictures across state knowing that it could go the distance and then when my dad who is not incredibly computer literate got it it was able to open it with ease. Gave me a sense of like okay. Great even this gets lost in the mail on going to be safe. And then i knew that when he opened it hughes have no problem actually opening it and to talk them through downloading anything. It's great so go to get armlock dot com to learn more and get yours. That's armlock dot com. Unspoiled has been focusing on eft up families and we have a new film to add to that pantheon. It is called frank. It's the musi film for your thanksgiving holiday. It's a heartwarming coming out and coming of age story written and directed by academy award winner. Alan ball it follows. Frank played by paul. Betty and his niece played by sophia lewis on their journey home to visit their dysfunctional family. And check out this family. I'm talking stephen root margo martindale judy. Greer steve zahn. Peter mackenzie lois smith. They're all here what i mean. I want that family anyway. Amazon studios uncle. Frank is now streaming only on prime video. I wonder how much of our point of view on this is coming from right now. Living through a time where truth feels incredibly hard to grab where even facts don't seem like fax to half of people in the. I still believe in truth more than i ever did. But it's like it feels almost like an act of defiance to believe there is truth to something well truth is uncomfortable and when don't have to believe in something that makes you uncomfortable. Then life is easier like i'm a big. I love conspiracy theory. I love to sit and listen and go. Ooh but i don't often believe in conspiracy theories right. I i want to hear the ghost story. I wanna. I wanna hear the story behind the thing. But what's what i always think. Conspiracy theories do is take something incredibly complex and simplify it. Why did the world trade center go down while i'll tell you it wasn't just a random act of terrorism. That you know could happen at any time. It was so calculated. And if i know it's so calculated hoof then it won't happen again but if we were to live life knowing that any given point any one of us could die a brick and fallen our head it it it creates parameters to keep us. I think a little bit more protected. I don't know this is a longer conversation. But i think the idea of like what these stories do and how they help us. So if meghan good is lying Then she's created a story where she never has to look at anything with an eye where she might be guilty right like. She's created a narrative until the narrative. Same thing for some jackson if he is guilty of this and his story is true. Are you know or false. Everyone's protecting themselves and kind of They're telling their own story where they're the hero and and that's how we get through life. Sometimes i think you know. Why did we break up. Well i'm gonna tell you that other person was bad. You very rarely does a person go well as my fault my fault but that person did this other thing. You know it's always we're always the victim in our own stories to to certain extent and plus there's an extra layer on top of it which is maybe some jackson lying to himself. Maybe legit just doesn't know. Because he was that drunk right he he he never knew he cannot figure it out and the same thing anyway with sicily lake. She's so young like it seems like this is probably her first kiss you know. She's been really protected. Her entire life for family. Seems like your whole world. We don't really get to see her hanging out with other kids so she might not have any idea like she made it easier. It might have been such an emotional night. She was so angry already at her. Mom's she'd been crying like ken. She even know really what happened. Love what what a kiss is like. What a kiss. That is an issue with a good kisses. How can she know a bad kisses or or you know i think. Oftentimes these kids are trapped in the house. Right and their their life is being cut off and so they're acting out there. trying different things are growing. They're they're making mistakes. We are still. They are still children right. They're not adults. They're not as calculated as adults. And who knows what's right and wrong at that point I told the story how this get made and constantly is brought up to be A part of being made fun of the. Yeah but i'll say it again. When i was a kid i watch a lot of the love boat and i always thought that the way that you kiss somebody like an open mouth kiss so like one night when i was like sixty five or six years old. My mom is like putting me down for bed and that goes to give me a kiss a kiss on the lips which is always like my kids kisses on the lips. It's like you know like not every not every waking moment but just you know kiss my kids. I love my kids but in my mind i went to go like to parody. What i've seen on tv not like. I wasn't attracted to my mom. I wasn't trying to be sexual. My mom is didn't know that that i was like oh. I'm doing this wrong. I've watched love boat. This is the way that you do it. I don't understand the difference of that. I'm not you know five or six years old. So you really use podcasts. As a confessional. Booth i mean who cares. It's my story. I'm not embarrassed by got darker. shit. I got darker shit. I don't talk about but But i don't know there's there's an element of that in there too and i i kinda wanna point to chew scenes and maybe unpack what. She's trying to tell with these two scenes and let me throw them out to you and you can kind of approach it either way. The scene where she comes home with her hair done like her mom kate. So that's an interesting. And i think that's telling us something. And then the scene. With sam jackson at the bar confronting the man or the man confronting him about having sex his wife right so those are two interesting seems to tell us a lot about these two characters and and i think let's talk about the the hair one first so she is trying to be her mom right to a certain degree. She's getting her hair done. She is trying to get the attention of her father. I'm not you know you're a woman. I don't know that relationship with a daughter and her father. I know that you had a close relationship with your dad. But what is that about like we talk about that a little bit and like the problems in that are maybe.

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