Congress, Pelosi, Chuck Schumer discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


Make and they're not gonna be able to rely on the president states make that case in part because he so undisciplined an unreliable but it part because he so unpopular they're not going to persuade anybody who is currently opposed to this tax bill that all turns out this was actually a good idea they are not going to have any success in doing that and when they're in a position where there an eighteen point disadvantage with democrats that's a real problem and as the other factor here unrelated to any legislative activity is we have no idea how many members of the trump administration the trump family the trump transition team the trump campaign might be indicted or have pled guilty by the time you get to the next congressional election it's a huge x factor there's a lot many more shoes will drop in the coming weeks and months but you know i got to say when we talked a indivisible groups all across the country we see them fired up already the one thing that i fear is that democrats in congress are not going to stand up for progressive values this week and in the coming weeks for instance standing up for the dreamers who were under threat by this administration they the an anti pelosi in chuck schumer a both said that they were going to stand up for the dreamers they have an opportunity this week and if they don't do that i think you're gonna see a lot of progress of growth across the country wondering who they are voting four or if they are voting for democrats as relevent and josh earnest thank you both very much for journeys great then we have an update to a story that we did last night that one vote story shelly simon's was on this program last night a recapped in her virginia state house delegates district declared heard the winter by exactly one vote out of about twenty three thousand votes but today a threejudge panel took.

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