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From basically the last row in the bell center and had a great time. But I wonder if it's the same for basketball. Should we do it or wait till we can afford better tickets again? That's from will what does everybody think didn't get into the game? In just go go go. Game. I'd say the last row in a hockey game in Montreal is probably way more expensive than the raptors game in Toronto. So you can probably move down a little bit. Like every game in Montreal. They do still. Yeah. There's a lineup got a ticket season lineup. I'm sure and it is like hockey every seat and that was good. Yeah. I guess it's not to be close. But it is nice. But if it's your first. Yeah. That just the vibe of it. All yeah. So yeah. Just get the cheap tickets for sure try and get centered. You know, even if it's high good good tip. You don't go corner behind the hoop? Try and try and get you know, try and get midcourt if you can't. Big dream, but go top rose. Well, it's fine. We we sat up obviously when we had our season tickets. We were up in the upper level third level. Again, we weren't right at the back. But I do remember if you went to too far back in the I guess now Scotiabank arena. You have that weird. Like, it's like no to see. It's sort of is tough. See you can you still see the floor. But it says that weird. Yeah, overhang. That's right. Because you're way up there some sight line problems. I would encourage you to find a deal to get up in the upper bowl. That's fine. You're going to get somewhere. She. Go center court you get like in the first five or ten rows of that upper deck. You aren't going to be happy with those are going to be happy. Enjoy the game. Yeah. Make sure you download your McDonald's app because if they hit twelve or more threes, you get a free medium fries. Is that true?.

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