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A tombstone tactical has tons of two twenty three and five fifty six Amil for just eight dollars and ninety seven cents a box now why you wait in line for that because there have been lines under so you have to be patient but realize that you don't have to treat and it is a and M. hole you have to treat animal like toilet paper take what you need and make sure that you have enough but the the save some for the folks were waiting in line as well to some tactical they're there to help you exercise your second amendment rights they are family owned the bin in the valley for years their staff is well trained and have just as nice as the day is long so get on out to tombstone tactical or go to tombstone petco dot com if you can't make it down or do what you need and then you go down right off the I. seventeen a metal scene between Dunlap and Peoria and pick it up and when you're there Tellem James T. sent to twenty six minutes after the hour let's get the five fifty key FY I download from Donny G. James T. White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham is reported to be out CNN's as Grisham will become First Lady melania trump's chief of staff we should never held a news conference during her tenure as the president's chief spokeswoman is trump is often preferred to speak directly the Phoenix city council has voted to limit the number of passengers allowed at one time on public buses the policy is an attempt to limit the spread of covert nineteen was requested by drivers a typical forty foot bus will be allowed to have ten passengers smaller buses will have a limit of five and sixty foot buses will be allowed fifteen riders Prescott valley police are now wearing face masks in public the police chief says he's asked officers and other police personnel to wear face coverings in situations where social distancing is difficult to maintain when interacting with members of the public or when taking someone into custody the funeral is today for Phoenix police commander Greg chronicle was killed in the line of duty at little more than a week ago because of cold at nineteen concerns only immediate family will be allowed inside St Jerome's Catholic Church for the funeral mass but the proceedings at a short ceremony that will follow outside will be live streamed on the police department's Facebook page and now with a check of traffic here Steve Trella ten east bound near sixteenth street we have an accident off right it's in the final clearing stages serious fire fifty Fifth Avenue north of all of you want to be using the alternates of fifty First Avenue or fifty ninth Avenue and you can avoid it Steve Trella five fifty KFYR however we treat you like you treat you get your free credit score card today even if you're not a discover.

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