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You know, what maybe I'll work in a second place fly for Tim Kirch in or maybe they'll be some weird defensive play that we can work into the highlights 'cause you just so many home runs. It's crazy. We did have a bunch homerun highlight last night. We might get to that later. But yeah, remember all those home runs. The Mariners were hitting at the start of the season. Well, they're not even on pace now for the most in the league that's the twins twins. Mariners brewers all on pace for more than three hundred home runs. It's incredible. The Anki just at the record last year with two sixty seven we're obviously on pace to shatter the league wide record by more than three hundred that was set two years ago. It's the modern game is out to dinner last night with our fantasy buddies care bell and tristen cock Roth. And I was complaining about the NBA all that is now is three pointers, then they said, well, you better not complain about baseball. Because all it is home runs. It is the game of two thousand ten. I got to tell you. I really feel like after talking this spring with some valuate is working on a piece right now on this that what we're seeing is you remember gestures to old. Remember this movie? The revenge of the nerds. Okay. John young. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. But revenge in the nerds was like, you know, the nerds fightback after being bullied, I feel that's what's going on with hitters in major league baseball where the last four years opposing offices, basically stacked up all these relievers ninety five miles per hour. Plus in this spring self Asana said to me, he's a coach with the Braves. Now, he said it's very clear that you're seeing hitters make adjustments that they're getting velocity even at the top of the strike zone. Paulin bikinis to be on tomorrow. He'll dig into some of those numbers which absolutely back that up, and I think that this this year what we're seeing with home runs. A lot of people are going to say juice ball. I think it's much more about great athletes, making adjustments to the high velocity. We've that we've seen come into the game in recent years. No, I agree. He remember after the two thousand fourteen season. What offense really cratered that year lowest level and couple of decades? Aids. And you know, the spring training fifteen we're all doing these stories. What's wrong with the hitters? Nobody can hit anymore. And yet they've made those adjustments swing harder launch angle. They've mostly as you just said adapted to hitting that high velocity. Yeah. It comes with all the strikeouts. And maybe the ball helps a little no doubt. But absolutely tremendous athlete s- bat speed is paramount. That's why we're seeing younger and younger players because guess what they have quicker bats. Then guys that are thirty eight. It's a power game power pitching power hitting. And I don't think it's going to change anytime soon. No. And I think Cody Bellinger, probably embodies the best of that. Right with all the home runs hitting while reducing strike has this year with the jesmyn that he's made that's on the good side on the bad side. What about the Orioles? I was looking at these numbers this morning and use like oh my God. Seventy three home runs allowed in their first thirty games the next closest team in home runs allowed the cardinals with fifty one eight allowed twenty two more homers already than the next closest team has looking at this opponents PS against the Orioles this year, nine twelve. So basically, everybody against the Orioles is Alex bregman. And I think it's a summer goes along. We're going to be asking ourselves the question. What are the Orioles going to contend for the title of worse team ever what he the at? I think they might the home. Run pace is incredible throwing pays for cool out three hundred ninety four the records to fifty eight by that sixteen reds. I sit on pace. I didn't say it on pace. Those slowdown right on the other hand if any pitcher gets hot they might trade them for prospect. Yeah. Worst team ever. Yeah. I could see it. I mean, they've already churned through twenty five pitchers granted to those position players. Ten and twenty..

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