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Of it it's a polka ball that you go and capture pok mon in the game with and then you get to take it around with you and put it on table during brunch and it goes i'm hungry and you're like hell yet vs mostly three hour battery life of that thing if course it's going to be hard to find and i'm gonna want one and i hope i will report in this section that lab oh kind of a dud with my kids not super interested but i think maybe they'll be interested in this also i like poke him on and if they're playing co couch co op with me and we're catching pok mon one we'll have fun to they'll throw joy khan and break the tv it's gonna be a good time has your have your girls ever been exposed to poke him on before or they pokey mon they've been exposed that they're not indoctrinated they don't know what it is at my daughter's in an art class on the weekends and she came back with a picture of jill gigli puff and she goes to look through a cat in a tree right so they're not they're not like chomping at the bit to put the pok mon this is going to be there gateway drug if they like it yeah they might they also might be over it but i'm buying i'm buying them there i hit for free it's for you and you're hoping that it makes it feel good because they lack it's not like we do games and i would enjoy playing couch co op games with my kids yeah i mean this is huge in the sense that it's pok mon games on the switch and it seems like a real pok mon games on the switch but also it's not the book him on game that everybody wants yeah it was a trick everybody wants this it's going to sell what they said we're releasing pokemon rpg before the end of the year and everybody wants yes and then they said this and everyone went play at all by how.

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