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This is a story out of Hudson, Ohio, and the mayor Craig Schubert, went before the school board. And he said this members of the board My name is Craig Schubert. The mayor of this city. It has come to my attention. That your educators Are distributing essentially what is child pornography? In the classroom. I've spoken to a judge this evening. She's already confirmed that So I'm gonna give you a simple choice. We? Don't you choose to resign from this board of education, or you will be charged. Thank you. Is this? What do you all think? I laughed like that guy in the back. Oh, Okay. Finally, Finally, a leader, somebody in authority that can set this doing the right thing. I'm so used to just Feeling so deflated and so defeated when I see things on T V, because the board members who are just going to stick with what so to have the mayor, can you imagine having that mayor in Shreveport? Stand up. Imagine having any mayor in this town right now, at this point in the game, But, Terry, look, I'm so happy. I'm bloody I really This is just really tickles me. But here is the buck. Shouldn't the Bogdan shouldn't stop there? Where the teachers, the principal, the principal said that the principal said didn't know anything about it didn't know what was in. Okay, well, who does And how come the teachers down? If these kids are mean they it was stuff like encouraging them to do underage drinking, So I mean, everybody needs to be held accountable. Well, not only that, but I think that you know, some parents are asking that each room have a video camera so they can be aware of what's being taught to their Children, because this has been going on for a couple of years. Which I never happen. Remember during? Yes, I do. They didn't want notes in the room when they were teaching. And I say this often that one of the silver linings of all of that the zoom stuff that we didn't know anything about until all this happened. One of the silver lining is that now parents are aware of what the teachers are saying and indoctrination, but Parents said there was a prompt that asks students to write a sex scene that you wouldn't show your mom and another one, said rewrite rewrite the sex scene from above into one that you'd let your mom read and then they then it says another prompt as students to drink a beer and describe how it tastes. Parents said that they felt these writing props and others were so inappropriate for their Children. And it is. These are high school Children. This is a college course They were taken in high school, but I imagine imagine I'm thinking about my own Children. A teacher. Reading this curriculum and thinking this is okay to do Children a year over a year. It's not like it's brand spanking new. Somebody knew something and somebody should have gone somewhere. Told somebody. Look, this is inappropriate. I'm not going to let my kids do this in my classroom. This is why parents are up in arms and they're going to each school board meeting in there saying We're taking your job. Your job your job in your job, because now we understand they are. They're not doing anything to help our Children. They don't even looking at the curriculums. They're signing off right next signing off and nobody's paying doesn't have a clue. But I cannot imagine. How are you a teacher? That it doesn't take that curriculum to the principal and say, Hey, look, Mr so and so, miss so And so I know this is something that I'm supposed to teach in this class. But I want you to look over this. This doesn't mean appropriate garb. How did that not happen? How in the world were they able to get away with? Maybe we might find out that it did happen. And somebody ignored that teacher. Somebody higher up, But I don't know. I'm not saying that could very well be. But more leaders would stand up like this mayor and give that ultimatum. I would feel I think I'd be able to breathe again because you know y'all. We have not been able to really take a Just a relaxing full breath. Since Trump came down the escalator. It has been so many years of us. You know, the media just I mean, they just twist and they lie and they spin. So we just kind of hold our breath constantly. And what? You don't know what your kids are going to be up against. Next between you know, school television media. I mean, social media. I mean, so when someone in authority says this is your ultimatum, it makes the rest of us go. Okay. Okay. Okay. We're gonna get somewhere because maybe maybe this will be like a domino effect. Maybe other mayors of their tails will stand up for the people that they represent and say, No, we're taking this back. We're taking our town backwards. We're going to Take our kids back. We're going to be aware of what's going on. Allow the parents to come. Parents are waking up. I thought, you know, you know the school's not your babysitter. Your nanny, you gotta You have to be the hawk. You have to be the heart looking over these. We didn't know that we can trust those right. Children. Don't think my I don't think our kids had that problem with the schools. I wouldn't think so. But I'm sure a lot of these pairs were like I never thought this would even what I hate is we've We've seen this before. Where these parents, I mean, parents, groups of parents have gone. On a boat in front of the school board. Over and over and not just that. They've read the from the books, and they told him what's going on. Those were the mayor's That should have stood up like this guy did so kudos for him. If you like to ask for.

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