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Instagram users got a surprise earlier today when the social media platform briefly changed its presentation in a major way NPR's jasmine guards reports that some Instagram users reacted with anger and disbelief in the Instagram app. Users have always scroll down looking vertically at one picture after another. But for a few minutes in the morning, Instagram tested out, a new format in which users would swipe horizontally. To see people's photographs and videos one affected user tweeted. Why Instagram why Instagram head Adam Maseri quickly apologized saying it was only a test? They've been rumblings that Instagram wants to make changes to its appearance, but given the very negative reactions it received it might put the decision off jasmine guard NPR news New York answer the final numbers of the day on Wall Street at the close the Dow up to sixty at twenty three thousand one thirty eight this is NPR and this is WNYC in New York. I'm Sean Carlson starting in twenty nineteen residents of New York City will no longer be able to buy tobacco products at pharmacies that legislation was passed in two thousand seventeen as part of a larger push to limit tobacco. Use in the city council member Brad Lander who represents cobble hill Ghana's and Kensington introduced the Bill he says prohibiting tobacco products and pharmacies seemed like an obvious step. If got these stores that market them. So. Dell's as improving people's health and they're making all this money on selling poison. The city's health department says tobacco use leads to an estimated twelve thousand deaths every year pharmacies in doors for the pharmacy section will be subject to the law starting on January first some teens and young adults in Brooklyn are now and allowed to read in court as they wait for their cases to be called. The change was made at Brooklyn's Atta lessons and young adult of diversion court after defense attorney with the legal aid society took up the case Norma says she's been pushing the court to revise its rules against books for years to make the wait time more bearable for her clients. It's crowded there's a lot of kids in that population and pool, and they're all sitting in a courtroom, and you can only imagine how frustrating it is to just be sitting there amount says penguin Random House has helped provide hundreds of books for the Brooklyn courtroom, including works by Tallahassee coats, and Jay z. She hopes that other courts will soon take up the initiative as well. New York is cracking down on dangerous driving over New Year's Eve governor Andrew Cuomo says state police will be boosting patrols and checkpoints through Tuesday January. First officers will be looking for drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol as well as distracted drivers. And passengers were not using their seatbelts. The enforcement effort is part of the national drive sober or get pulled over campaign. The forecast here for the rest of tonight rain is likely but probably starting after four AM tonight. Otherwise, we'll have increasing clouds this evening in temporizing to about forty three tomorrow Friday rain through the day with a high near fifty six by tomorrow night rain early on as you start to blow away overnight though, some patchy fog tomorrow night with a low about forty eight degrees. And then my Saturday should just be sunny. The temperature falling to about forty eight degrees. It'll be breezy on Saturday as well..

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