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Which is another song title game out there and <hes> this. I WanNa talk about obviously WanNa talk about Penny farthing because Penny farthing interacts both with cliff in Jane here <hes> obviously is the one that leads cliff around through Jane's underground and also tries to talk to Jane in this these very intriguing scenes by this very scenic Lake Pawn. Whatever and it's very very peaceful spot penny loves to go to his she says it's her favorite memory in the underground and I want to get your thoughts on penny interacting with both cliff and Jane when the story I love the penny doesn't stutter Stanford so I thought that was very cool? <hes> that was her anxiety right. You know that brings that out and you had mentioned <hes> several episodes ago that the puzzle pieces would all come clear. Yes you at least assume there would be a payoff in there was a pretty good payoff. I thought that was really well done. What talk about that? When we talk about <hes> daddy later in Manhattan topic so yeah so it was <hes> you know I really liked and yet any kind of takes on cliff around yes and <hes> through the memories essentially after cliff breaks through the wall in that cell smashing finally mainly getting through that he sees like this memory of Jane thinks it's Jane tries immediately trying to apologize to her and then penny shows up is like no no that's that's not really Jane if it is but but it is it and so <hes> cliff knows penny from interacting with her so even though she's probably not as favourite personality he at least tolerates her and she's the one that kind of escorts him around on to kind of do a short cup at she cuts through various memories? One of them is like this either like elementary school or junior high something like that where we're introduced to Miranda Aah Maranda <hes> as as it is in the comics was essentially the previous primary personality before Jane <hes> and apparently as we're we're told that Miranda essentially couldn't cope being in the primary and essentially destroyed herself in what's known as the well yes and because of that her station was completely destroyed and so when when <hes> they have to go through it though and so when takes cliff through Miranda station he makes she makes him cover his is like because it will just completely destroy his mind because it's it's so horrific yeah and when we they start going through there since big blinding light and we see Miranda just yelling shut the door Ryan you know just all terrified and they go through that <hes> cliff kind of glimpses some bodies that have been are hanging up in their mutilated and it's just it's very morbid seen as they pass through so so we see that Miranda had a station and so that means because all each personality is its own station in the underground subway yeah and they're all connected by the the train and whatnot and they get through that and <hes> you know that that ultimately leads cliff to <hes> to Jane and so whether it can talk so what did you what did you think of that. The Miranda personality <hes> rotation addition it was not very clear <hes> at first what it was seen that way more on a second viewing. Maybe yeah because you know my first thought is <music> is not that Brando was a previous prime. You know man but this was actually the ultimate first personality the K. personnel the trim Korean Jane's original <hes> self is what I I thought Miranda was <hes> and that's kind of like our first major alternate because and then you know you get that after she says my name is Marina. My name is Miranda and <hes> you know you could tell that Miranda was a persona. You know I I this in a healthy way. I've seen this before her. I have done my share of telemarketing back. When I was younger and often would people would pick up a different name? They would say right rob so that way the people being route two been hanging the phone on. They're doing it to rob not right not yeah yeah so they wouldn't take it personally yeah and it was just kind of a you know a trick. They did to themselves and <hes> so so this was truly them. You Know K. trying to protect yourself by putting on this Maranda. It's a very disturbing story and it's IT <HES> I. I really thought thought they handled once. I understood that Miranda was going away and I want you know why this happened. I thought they did a really good job of showing the the the damage edge that this <hes> I guess k. you know that this person has gone through and all of those ways yeah they mentioned that that K- essentially hasn't existed or didn't exist stopped existing as a young child and it's only that the you know the obviously the trauma happened the her personality's fragmented into sixty four different personalities eventually yeah and <hes> there's just you know she's essentially broken that shattered really into all these pieces and it just so happens that all the pieces kind of they had this very tenuous coexistence with one another. Other down there in the end the underground <hes> penny also tries to counsel Jane a Little Bit Jane's trying to hide out she comes across Jane hiding out in pennies favorite spot this lake area and it's very peaceful scene <hes> so but <hes> but <hes> penny talks about like hey do you know someone pulled the emergency brake and and Jane's acting all innocent like low. Hey Weird wow yeah yeah and you know that <hes> she talks about the other thing that Jane doesn't want to go back up and be the primary anymore and <hes> Jane's kind of asking being penny interesting. She's like well. <hes> you know like what what what she talks about like <hes> what happens when you're spiraling out of control so we kind of get inside the j just feels like completely lacoste right now. Yes and Penny says well you know when I feel like that I come here and Jane says will what happens when that doesn't work anymore so apparently Jane still feeling like even though she's here she's still can't find peace absolutely and so this is probably why she's close to it essentially doing what Miranda did and why why the sisters this kind of <hes> a more manipulative personality personality essentially are trying to steer her toward destruction in the well and pennies say Jane from that she when they confront Jane. She's like you know penny goes. You know don't do this. You know they're just trying into the mess with you. You know that that <hes> they're horrible. You know you don't want to follow you. Don't want to listen to them yet and it's very so damn. which would you think of penny trying to save Jane from her destroying yourself? Well as I talked about earlier. It was nice to see <hes> not all genes personalities are are against her some of them Armie Hammer on health side they. They understand that they're in this together. Others are just they just want the chaos yeah they don't care so so essentially like Jane has this these he's just <hes> what's essentially a self destructive side to her. Yes and then she has another side. That's trying to likes going. No don't do that yeah so again again more again more conflict going on within Jane's brand pain gene and this happened. This is going on all the time yeah I mean she's always she's always feeling this conflict and so it's <hes> so that's why she lashes out sometimes sometimes she's all sweet and and whatnot and <hes> just because there's all these different sides of our battling one all the time all right third and final topic. This is the big one everybody. He hurts some times little R._e._M.. Yes so so yes. Essentially this was an R._e._M.. Theme so we had the song driver eight topic one song can't get there from here in topic to you and everybody hurts so this is a very r._e._M.. Themed obviously because of the song driver eight again. This is the song driver eight this is that was what Morrison named the dry rate persona after he's a big R._A._M.. Fan <hes> he used is that when in his animal man comic that he wrote and with the Superman R._A._M.. Superman song and <hes> just you know. I just seem very appropriate for this. Everybody hurts. I want to talk about Black Annis. WHO's again another big personality? I've been waiting to see and of course daddy at least Jane's <hes> K's memory of daddy and who's this very like demonic horrific monster inside her head that just <hes> you know just is is lurking out of the well and so we have Jane coming to the well ready to destroy herself and cliff shows up tries to help her as they battled daddy in this big climactic scenes. What did you think about that it it? It's at sterling story right and you know it's a disturbing story when you hear when you see her at the Jigsaw puzzle and trying to play and you hear him say we have to hurry before mom comes home he comes home and you're like Oh. Yes you feel like I need our to fill off off of the right. Yes and it just I it is unsettling and it's supposed to be it's not you're not you're not supposed to be happy about this. This a horrific and it's obviously explains why Jane is the way she is and <hes>. It's basically kind of without showing it. It's laid out right here that the whole the whole thing with the puzzles is essentially KS last moment. This is an it's the when when Jane actually sees the Young K. and she makes this comment. This is where it began was so so so so it's this moment where we're like Jane Earth. Excuse me young ks essentially like like you said trying to complete her puzzles. She tells her daddy like look. I'm not finished with my puzzle and this is essentially the loss of her innocence here as her father takes her away way do you so the feeling is that this is to do horrible things to her the do is do you feel like this is the first time he did that or was it just one of the the straw that broke the camel's back. I kinda big view it as the because I would think the first time would be the most traumatic yeah so the way the way you said though that okay so. Do you think that was just one in. I'm not belittling the one time I'm just saying that just that was it was a not. I don't think it was just a one time that happened yeah yeah. I don't either but I but I but I think this is the first time it happened. That's when and that's when K was essentially she ended yeah and probably Miranda and the and her personality split after this as a way as a way to cope from the trauma of what happened that first time I think is that <hes> the Jane Earl <hes> k her her personalities Split Fragmented Yeah and <hes> as a way to cope with all that as a coping mechanism makes sense because you know it Disa- show disassociated and you know that <hes> is just she was so shattered by this horrific moment yeah hey you know my father molested me right and as someone who's very close to someone who had that happen <hes> you know it's it's obviously very powerful for me to see this <hes> this horrible the concept but it's also a great moment when at the end of the episode she Jane Stands Up to Daddy and tells him off and so it's so it's good for that is a great moment omit but then it it brings back when she still hears his voice right. It's not it's not that it's not that simple and it's not that easy now. It's not who destroy those demons right exactly it's just yeah he managed she managed to fend him off long enough to save cliff. Get him out of there and <hes> bring herself back from the brink essentially at the same thank you <hes>. It was just yeah very oh and did. Did you notice that the puzzle that Kay was putting together was was the the scenic pond seen yes they did. I thought they did a good job of showing that of tying it together. Wish because gene couldn't remember like okay whose memory is this and which makes sense because gene isn't k.. It's rice memory yeah so it's this the last time that she had peace before this moment yes and so it's just it's another big punch in the gut as you're watching this story absolutely and <hes> so <hes> cliff <hes> obviously has to for before where he gets in there to help to try to bring Jane in back from I'm going in the well <hes> and destroying yourself. He has to get past Black Anna this yeah and Black Anna's essentially the here the this guard this final guard to <hes> to make sure nobody gets to this very <hes> deep part of her mind penny earlier had mentioned that like as as deeper as you go the memories of get darker bigger and more dangerous and so essentially you're descending into hell ear and so as you this is essentially as you reach the bottom black Anna says that last a Guardian there and and Black Seas Cliff as human as a male and decides your you can't pass and you know she attacks him and slashes his face in this kind of very cool moment l..

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