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No three senior on the step team are featured in the movie their blessings draw though cory granger entail a solomon other key people in the documentary are the girls mothers their step coach known as coach g and their heroic college councillor paula dole fat step which opens on august iv is the first feature from amanda lipids she has mostly worked as a broadway producer lipids recently came to kpcc along with the film three league girls their step coach and their college councillor and here's filmmaker amanda lipids explain why she opened the movie with the death of freddie gray at the hands of police in 2015 we actually started buying power to freddie great staff um i had a meeting with the families in the ninth grade about potentially making a documentary about the steps team and you might big pitch to them was i'm from baltimore and i want to change the conversation about baltimore and i thank you all due to and i think these young women being the founding class the school and incredible step team are the way to do it in everyone fateh okay sounds great streets of baltimore are tense tonight protesters overran parts of this afternoon the police charges six officers and he gave writing her way who died after being in police custody at at the center of a man who was killed in april of their junior year and for me it definitely a letter firing me too get a move on i was kind of not totally filming i was working my way up to filming i'd filmed about fifteen days and their junior year um and it certainly i believe freddie gray's death gave the young women and their families the courage to really be honest and truthful about their lives amanda any documentary makes a decision about who its principles are in their three young ladies who are really at the center of this film how do you decide who are going.

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