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Police soon unsportsmanlike technical murphy will go to the line to shoot that technical and then minnesota inbound from under its own basket that's the third that counts as a personal also the third on wednesay joe murphy is good murphy with four points and one rebound trip to rebounds i know we had one here in the second half and any of one at halftime no nothing nothing at hafez race he hit a both murphy now with five points and the golfers have the ball but you're right mike the at one rebound in the first that i thought and i eat tractor rebon down on this end in the corner he should have two rebounds inbound for michael hurd no lob it out front poorest jimmy and here's now to washington's top of the key shovel over hair's nba range three god touvier harris a three and minnesota's got a little life they've cut it to fifteen points fifty seven forty two they trailed by twenty eight at one point ten twenty to play here in the basketball game scalia out front left dribble give the macintosh comes off of a screen with fifteen to shoot mcintosh up between the lake dribble works it right picks up the dribbling justice scalia out front past delo tip off the backboard it's lose cheju couldn't get it but her does here come the golfers down fifteen pass comes ahead behind the defense murphy pivots in the paint now comes out of the paint works his way of the free throw line kicked to hurt hurt goes baseline into the paint shovels got fouled and who go to the line to suit wanted on crowd in like the call falls on scully and her we'll go to the line to shoot to sell given to so it was on the show he also puts minnesota the double bonus the rest of the game is that's or questions ten foul hurt gives the free throw he has six.

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