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See the respect for each team of each other. They'll lot of area pass if you get boxed in you just dump it to an area and make the same play again. Second period the door of the avalanche. In the middle Kerr foot in Auburn chops. It out DT Miller is on it. Miller backhands it in. There's the door of in the near corner by Patrick the former Dallas Stars defenceman Lanna clear McDonnell looking to hold us in at the right point. He could not skip out to center ice pocket. Gobbles up though rolls. It back in. Debit. On the far side of Andhra ghetto. Booted out to center ice storm and knocks it down. And again, the lightning counter from the red line in pocket rattles in every ghetto is checked by JT Miller. That's the puck away. Alexander Kerr foot. We'll just float it to the lightning line the done under pressure from Colin Wilson gets away. Spins the puck at center ice. He'll dump it in lady get fresh guys out there or Johnston for the puck in the corner. Moving for jobs. It was score were the second jobs back to Eric Johnson. And left-wing scoops it out to center ice picking up. His dano bouncing on vassal Lapsky dropped it down for Girardi by the nearside Yanni, Gordon. Lightning playing crisply right now. Cross a stamp goes down the right wing cross belong right circle, high fought boy, shoot save up. Right. He made the save redone Girardi point is checked out to center ice Jost it in now gourd Jopling with Daniel dropped the gloves board standing up for Girardi because Dan checks Girardi. They're wrestling right now. Better come in at separate Baucus. Stop of sixteen ten left the second. No score. That's yanni. Gordon? He's always going to jump in. He doesn't care who it is. He didn't like what he saw. And Dan got the drug gloves off more quickly in Gord pretty much had to oblige him at that point. It's not not a great trade off for for the lightning Daniels. Just picked up by the organization. He's you know, he's going to be support line player. Yanni gorge is a guy that they want out there on the ice because he kills penalties onto power plays everything.

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