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A that is extremely important as a starting point like we're entering these companies to solve problems and what we're gonna do is going to collectively identify problems and we have a solution for this low hanging fruit problem right now but in my mind. I think that we're gonna go through. We're going to go through these verticals if you will. Where whether it's general contractors Enp's drilling contractors shipyards and Tendering offshore drilling contractors. Well solve these problems and get these early early wins with these guys with clear metrics of what we're doing to add value and then collectively identify the next issue. And let's let's let's build towards that because these are all project based project based industries. Where what we're doing. There's a lot of correlation between them. There's a lot of differences. Yeah but a lot of the same things transferable and so. Let's let's solve these problems and really take your industry into a place where you can be so efficient and in so lean that you a you free up your your director. People from data entry. You're allow them to solve the higher level decisions and have people solve real problems that really add value to your company as opposed to sit there and press buttons. Are people comfortable or people come from when they're when we when you come in there you present. The solution is the the aleve of these pain points right where you want to go. I mean people comfortable idea with his new transition is one of those things. You gotta kinda hold their hand or they feel like if they get to that point. I feel like they might be on board. There's an idea is identifying vetting process my end to clearly understand like you know we have to. We have to be find the right group to work with as early adopters during this right because we we have a few companies working with across these verticals in some cases one company and so From there let's let's take feedback meetings other places but we're not trying to commercialize anywhere else right now..

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