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Commissioners will decide by this Wednesday whether Merce can replace its workers with robots and Harare says he is ready for battle. I'm a born and raised in San Pedro Forty-six years here. And this town is giving me everything I've coach high school basketball. I put both my kids do the public school system here, and I've put them off to college. I love this talent. There's nothing like it. And that's why I will fight to the end for my community. And reporter Jackson Cantrell has been following automation at the port of Los Angeles. He's with us here today high Jackson. Hey, steve. So what what kind of job losses? Are we talking about when it comes to automation, and this big behemoth terminal remember, those stacking things that you heard about over a tray Pac man, well that was one hundred fifty to two hundred jobs lost estimated, but APM Mirsky is a much larger terminal. So here we could expect to see up to twelve hundred jobs. So we're talking like ten almost ten times. Yeah. Exactly. And do these jobs just disappear. I mean what happens in a situation like this? Did they just go poof? Well, it's not exactly layoffs, but it chips away at the work. That's available for everyone. So pretty much everyone's our skate cut, especially the temp workers who get the last pick of the shifts. So it's kind of like a domino effect. Yes. Exactly. So long work is is well known for being among the last jobs, right where you don't necessarily need a. A college degree, but you can still make decent living. Exactly. These are some of the last well, paying blue collar jobs in the area. I mean, the some of these longshore workers about half of them make over one hundred thousand dollars, and if you're a clerk or foremen, you make even more. So the the people I spoke to you know, they have money to send off their kids to college. They can donate to TSA fines, you know. And support local businesses in San Pedro. So obviously, there's a lot at stake for these workers. And there's certainly a lot at stake for the union. It is I guess a symbol of what's been happening in the economy overall right that people are being replaced, by automation by artificial intelligence things. Like that. I mean, that's certainly.

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