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Did he decide it was so and like you that i object it's six so normal it so weird and it freaked me out like at the scariest thing everthing literally just die and then wake up that so we have but she didn't say he's narcolepsy it just reminded me of that one time because i wonder if he is our he's just cited rude and falls asleep that sounds like a fun thing to have someone say about your aquarius you fall asleep everywhere yeah well i do it but like that's how much they would say as you hear this place you fallen asleep i don't know what are you in a museum in poland that'll do it yeah i only ask because they had a good answer right i just haven't thought about it could fall asleep rarely well jackie like it's so nice she falls and save on a plane from takeoffs and landings like no disruptions doesn't have to go to the bathroom doesn't get a drink like it's so annoying it tonight and unlike in last row kicking because i can't fall asleep anywhere yet i have an opposite problems as growing yeah yeah i can't get over iran i know speaking of people i can't get over a swiss merit where my wedding bell for today's episode but i forgot about it i just got and it was just so busy like being a mom to theo this morning that i forgot about the wedding delhi wanted to wear in honor of our next guest you know him you love him you wanted him to be the bachelor and he was not so we're going to ask him a lot about that it has thirty minutes with peter casimir nadaf eighty twenty eight so when even if peter kassim we're not afraid to look out for their do the man on a myth the legend peter across fitness fitness here house production of peter cuss fitness yes peter krause sweet that's what i thought your last name was for so long people so is it wisconsin aircraft w i understand i have to know any mood ever think we at the end of it but confused across we are going to so many things first question is i wanted to know if you ever saw the instagram post of kamran eubank's from southern charm and he did have you seen all of them.

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