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I took a peek at in verses GonNa Kinda. Before everything started coming before we started recording and couple things I noticed it was at one point one, million views. when I checked in. which is not something you see often but make sense to me. Also let's discuss the fashions. Brandy was definitely dressed like you know one of the Mitchell aunties that takes edibles and stays above the family drama. Scholarships. Her shoes reminded me you know like. Someone who keeps their yellow pages up today and their white pages It was like a white mule slide. That's not. Okay It felt to me like she's always got her baby school raffle tickets for sale in her pocketbook like that's what the shoes. Meanwhile. Monica was dryest July. You know wait as pussy make pull out game week or whenever Bell Khalif. Correct It looked to me kinds of like she had just DMC murder away a link to the same. See See what see for civil rights I said he should change his name to see rights for civil rights, but also because you write raps. Speechless.

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