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Colorado in at least one person is dead and sadly more are unaccounted for this. According to lamoure county sheriff. A justin smith now. He made this observation in a facebook post just before one a. m. We're working from reports of three unaccounted for persons from that specific area. He said we have located one deceased victim in the area but were unable to recover the body as of last night Those operations resumed this morning. We also believe that there may be two more people still missing from the flooding. I echo his sentiments his emotion here because it is so. Tragic and so heartbreaking. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the yet unidentified victim up this flooding said lamoure county sheriff justin smith in their family along with any other potential victims a yet to be located now colorado department of transportation spokesperson told the colorado and wednesday. That about six mudslides happened as a result of the flooding. One car washed into the poodle river. Five houses were damaged in the black hollow area. This according to the c dot spokesman now again and we've been talking about this this morning colorado highway fourteen along the putter river also known as the putin kenyan highway it does remain closed from rustic up to cameron pass cdot crews were working on clearing the road cleaning up the road which was littered with debris early this morning. Now a flash flood watch for that area is in effect from noon to eight. P m now poodle valley our. Ea cruz restored power to approximately thirty members to tuesday night after flash flooding in the putter cannon. And you know what's so terrifying about this. I was reading some reports That were in the area Who said everything was fine until it wasn't. There was actually a couple at a campground in that senity on their honeymoon and they had set up camp when the warnings came down and they were told to get out and get out now leaving all of their camping gear behind and that is well. I suppose that is the very definition of flash flooding. It happens in an instant and as you all know that onslaught of water so very very dangerous so you had a poodle valley crews restoring power to approximately thirty members tuesday night after flash flooding in the putin canyon but relief could take much much longer for one hundred and one others for those members. Puto valley are ye. We are expecting outages. Could last multiple days due to the damage in the area. Our team is working with emergency personnel to assess the damage continues to do that and determine access points to continue work in the or canyon now gateway natural area. This is located fifteen miles west of fort collins where the north fork of the river meets the main river. It is closed until further notice. Again as a result of the on going danger of continued flooding monsoonal moisture though we typically say thank heaven we need the moisture is the last thing that we need and with that forty percent chance of very slow moving. Storms well it can only exacerbate an already very dangerous situation even further again. At least one person is dead and more are unaccounted for this. According to larimer county. Sheriff justin po smith in a facebook post that he made just before one a. m. on wednesday and certainly our thoughts and prayers. Go out to anyone that was affected by this. Just a reminder that. Us forest service campgrounds along the river are also closed in evacuation area has been set up at cash laprud

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