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Terms conditions another white house shakeup i'm jacky quin with an ap news minute embattled veterans affair secretary david schulkin has been fired by president trump the tim mcguire va secretary david schulkin had been in deepening trouble for taking a ten day trip to europe with his wife and top staffers last summer and because of a growing rebellion within the ranks at the department the white house had no comment on emotion filed in california by stormy daniels lawyer that president trump give a deposition about their alleged affair the school superintendent in upper darby pennsylvania says an exchange student from taiwan is charged with plotting a high school shooting although he didn't yet have a gun he told the fellas student don't come to school on me i to shoot up the school facebook says it's shutting down in advertising product that allowed marketers to use data from people's lives outside of facebook to target them for ads i'm jacky quin the country music hall of fame announced its three inductees for the year ap music correspondent marty zaraleta says some fans might have been assuming one of them had already been inducted dottie west will be inducted in the country music hall of fame and the veterans category ricky skaggs as the modern era inductee and fiddler bob gamble as the recording and or touring musician skaggs says it's a great honor and a great relief all my friends out there that thank you thought that i was already a member of the of the hall of fame today makes it official the induction ceremony will be later this year in nashville i'm archie zaraleta.

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