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That we will not win and so tonight I am announcing I am suspending my campaign for president he never had a chance let's be real right for second here's a guy not many people outside of the tech world and and non profits kinda knew about who came on the scene as a relative nobody he wasn't like put a change was a politician people inside of the Democratic Party knew who he was on top of that Obama gave him an endorsement like sixteen months ago like this guy is the next not to yank it was interesting he came in through some stuff out there and I just like the fact that the way he went about doing things I've said I don't care if you're on the right or left you put him you find a place for him in your administration because he is forward thinking I can't say how sad I am that engineering is leaving this race I think that he represented a positive populism so much of politics now is good you hate and the thing about engineering is you could join the gang gang and not hate anybody he just wanted to make sure that we we reach will the economy for these new challenges and I just think that from a decade perspective he may wind up being a much more significant boys we we we recognize tonight yeah then that is a huge possibility I don't think is going anywhere I think it's going to be around I think he's made a a name for himself but I like the fact that nobody really hated it right and inventions is right we live in a world now where it is about demonizing the other side it's about telling your body I don't so much is that guy because the first the guys awful like I tore a hole she's the worst he she there the awful bad they're coming they hate you they hate your calling that's so much of what it was like and he wasn't like that he wasn't because I thought I would give a thousand Bucks a month and also there's he broke a color very when I can't even Asian American guy now end end now that's the thing we saw a lot of young Asian get involved and also it was a big thing his idea around the universal basic income was it like three percent or like no percent a year and a half ago now some fifty five percent popular ideas some holes that big deal that's awesome I like it can you find a place for people like that on or in your administration on your staff somewhere in your administration you create a place because I think you look at somebody like that he's got innovative ideas and he is thinking about the future he's thinking about where we're going love you get is the intake of his take on on things things not just about a I in and all that stuff but also on education because I think our education system is a disaster and we're we're we're stock in in neutral going up hill and I feel like we're we're spinning our wheels we have this complex education system we have a huge diversity that it does make you know you look around the world is half Finland the look out look at all these people nice leather like ninety nine percent are literate yeah but they're just one people we have a a complex system of of different ways that people teaching charter schools and private schools and and you know you're going to some classrooms in specially urban cities you may have five six seven different languages being spoken in there as their first language before they ever get to English I want to know how how we teach for we're going not where we've been but where we're going and I think we need to do that more often than not and we're not three two three five three twenty four twenty three ads have been to chose your Twitter feel free to tweet at me you could tax the program as well I love hearing from all of you I do I like absurd I like crazy because it makes me just go really is that the world we're living case in point this remember now kids if you go to school and your child and you happen to do something that freaks people out there's a good chance it's going to be blown out of proportion a child's outburst in the Valley Forge elementary kindergarten class with threat assessment and lead to a police investigation we're told was initiated by the school district the girl at the center of it all six year old Margot she has down syndrome Maggie gain says the moment that landed her daughter in hot water was when Marco made a gun gesture and said she'd shoot the teacher it was very clear from the beginning that she didn't understand what she was saying and the teacher and the principal agreed but then they said that they needed to convene a Frank assessment team where would it yet have a threat assessment team on a six year old who made a gun gesture who has down syndrome who does understand what she did and you're gonna go as an adult we need a threat assessment team really is that what you need she knew yeah well they're done they're they're too busy chasing Roger stone Pacific after if they're coming for her James said the conclusion there was in fact no threat to safety the two different east town school district wasn't finished they said that they still needed to call the police and as I get this phone call I was fine with everything up until they said and we have to call the police and I said you absolutely do not have to call the police you know this this is ridiculous you have to call the police how do you do I I explained about two three years ago Jack was in first grade right there was maybe was can you guys first breaking as well as and you know how kids are the run around they don't know right you got a crush on somebody and like a girl kiss Jack on the cheek and like we get a phone call I might wait what yeah and then another girl then they're like Tom and what do you what should we do I'm like are you are you asking me as existed serious phone call because the person like there's no way you guys are asking me this as adults what we do at this point in time well I don't know somebody find Ronan Farrow when you get the bottom this the kids running around at some point in time is there not an adult that goes you know what we're just gonna let this one slide move on with our life I don't think the six year old down syndrome girls going to blast away in anybody right right just like I don't think Jack has been Harvey Weinstein by couple Kenny garden girls we're just gonna move on with their life but not this day and age games last month went public about the incident in a letter to the school board her position school officials are misinterpreting policy and state law she didn't really understand what she was saying her having down syndrome is one aspect of it but I'm pretty sure that most six year olds don't really understand what that means so now there is a record at our local if the treaty foreign police department that says she made a threat to her teacher yeah they said now there's not a record but she is on file and I'm like night god when you were a kid mostly listening right now well she was when you were a kid you did some stupid my did Mrs Wednesday right I'd teacher Mrs once right so greatly one my favorite teachers of all time man she grabbed my arm she did nails right husband was in the NFL son went on to play in the NFL and we were just all got she she would smack you upside the that gentleman and we get all the we can't do that now everybody so sense too sensitive you mean like how do you go home and I'd say Hey you know what how's your day stuff a little girl she got down syndrome she six nice little girl until the point where she she tried to kill me with her finger down No Way yeah she's gonna finger gun me yeah she did what she what kind was it was it a semi automatic yeah I think it was I think it was like now man you need a drink the full how do you look people in the face and wrote that I'm just here is three two three five three a twenty four twenty three acts events and shows your Twitter for ready to let me get text the program as well love hate crazy this it's all their kids it's all their kids my wrong my being weird look at the kids you can look at and say all right the kids could be some trouble right but and we got to watch but six down syndrome knows really six year olds who don't have down syndrome have very little concept of certain things but this like a threat assessment team what does that even mean if I feel like people are gonna be repelling down a roof coming to get you my Hey I'm an active person you want out was the single biggest took five super beat United might be to leave early today by human right so I take this stuff it's great because I wanna get more out of you know super active already today I have done an hour and twenty four minutes of working out and I crested playing soccer and I talked about two two and a half and you know I do take my B. delete floral four ounces of water poured in their book drink it straight down way I go and what it's doing for me is incredible skimming natural let I mean my edge here is like I'm going longer feeling better already done thirty flights of 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