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As their needs change learn more at fidelity dot com slash well fidelity brokerage services L. L. C. and the Doris Duke charitable foundation whose building bridges program works with U. S. Muslims to increase mutual understanding and well being among diverse populations for the benefit of building stronger more inclusive communities from NPR and WBEZ Chicago this is wait wait don't tell ME the NPR news quiz I'm bill Kurtis we're playing this week with Adam Burke mo Rocka and alone and here again is your host from a tiny chase bank auditorium he shaped out of mashed potatoes honestly we're a little bit worried about it Peter Sagal thank you bill in just a minute bill says it feels like the first rhyme in our listener Limerick challenge game if you like to play give us a call at one triple eight wait wait that's one eight eight eight nine two four eight nine two four but right now panel it's time for that game we like to call the viral load this is when we shine a light on all the corona virus news out there much like the UV bulb you all should be inserting right now into your bodies so we're gonna throw questions at you true false rapid fire style get your question right you get a point you guys ready to go yep all right here we go no sure false a Florida church announced they'd be suspending all weddings until the coronavirus crisis is over false rancor began conducting drive thru weddings from the P. booth in the parking lot Helen true or false the news anchorman in Spain is apologizing to viewers after his wife was seen walking by naked in the background of the video call false yes he was apologizing after a woman who was not his wife was seen making background Adam sure falls police in India have suspended foot chases of suspects because of social distancing concerns fault yes they're still chasing them but they're using giant tongs to grab them the motion were false Maryland congressman said the best way to avoid corona viruses to never leave your home again true false he said the best way to avoid it is to not be born in the first place Adam sure falls the pandemic is caused officials in Portland to cancel their annual naked bike ride in June twenty seventh all right the organizers are encouraging everyone to ride their bikes and make it on their own that day moteur falls a city in Wisconsin is advising residents to share a bed to stop the transmission of coronavirus by sleeping head to toe false no it's true Helen sure false wealth president trump toured that mask factory in Arizona speakers played it live and let die by the band wings true yes that's our latest addition of viral load if the models are correct will be increasing the questions exponentially in the coming weeks alright guys know some more questions for you from the rest of the week's news Adam one outcome of the pandemic is it's revealed a new subset of people out there people who like to do what when they wash their hands I know I can get a clue yes usually this is what happens by accident when you don't roll them up oh wait like wash their shirt at the same time yes what they like to wash their sleeves along with their hands the global obsession with frequent hand washing has revealed a new population that before kept to themselves weirdos that try to get their sleeves wet while washing their hands or doing the dishes or we assume while murdering hobos because obviously these people are sociopaths what there is to the purposefully are while I'm here yeah just imagine somebody washing their hands and they work their way up the wrist and right into their sleeves another watching their sleeves but then but then they got a walk around the rest of the day with white sleeves they say they like it this is more disturbing than the murder Hornets well I only do this when I wear a T. shirt yeah I'd like to get down in there researchers are weighing in on why a fraction of the population seems to enjoy soaking their sleeves while other social scientists say no way am I talking to those people I mean why would you stop with this leading that number you just keep going yeah that's hygiene and laundry day at the same time the problem but yeah we got wet leaves my mind goes you just help write the tax yeah if you're gonna have what sweeps it better be from after birth yeah exactly that yeah coming up it's lightning fill in the blank but first it's the game where.

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