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Shut up what for the motion it could have been a lot worse we hear that classic clip them for that in a long time about study Bannon yes about van and then he goes on about rights previous Steve that and president paranoid schizophrenic paranoiac what he's gonna do is old baby girl shines committed any leak things like he's an entertaining guy given that he is I like the way he likes the anthem for Italian restaurants of those the stand ups to varies Tony soprano out there his restaurants yeah I know like with any of it's so funny does not with the guys the guy is hilarious but he's a grifter like a lot of yeah yeah yeah well at the time when he came in I'm like listen we need to dignify this thing a little I love the movie I really do so I decide what the mood for this one or the president I think the mood she's just doing what the moods needs to do to stay relevant keep a paycheck coming in okay so you're just going to stay neutral there just yet on the side of the oppressor according everything is so dramatic I can hear the criticism of the motion understand where he's coming from because it isn't as hysterical as well like a see courting Desmond Tutu saying all it's the oppressor that's who you're siding with well if it's not hysterical it's the mood just be in the mood it feels to me like every time you have the opinion of band that was ridiculous from trump the reaction from the media and the less is far more nuts did you see Chuck Todd yes symmetry eyes checked I did yes the shaming the president for the way he acted last week in the aftermath of the mass shootings and sitting high atop moral mountain here's what Chuck Todd said as the country struggles to process the events of the last weekend as we grapple once again with our gun culture this one feels deeper and a bit RAR it was a week that the country needed a president can do what presidents have done in the past to provide solace and healing and remind us all that the American story travels on that arc of history that bends toward justice said president trump delivered a teleprompter message of unity on Monday and then spent most of the rest of the week attacking his perceived political foes he goes on to the political foes.

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