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He got cookies delivered while we were there tiffs treats which if anyone's from Austin Texas who? Does. Thanks. Thank God delicious. Delicious. Yeah Pat Stop Beaten speaking of. Andrew Parker He's he's our UK listener who got us into Leeds United he said leads has taken on Liverpool delicious matchup on September, the twelfth Saturday, and then the day after that, it's the eagles versus The Washington Football Team September thirteenth first game in the NFL. season. Means a lot of people on this podcast so. Yeah let's go. Let's go leads or whatever their team name I'm Rep anum leads to shock the world and they're gonNA. Shock, liberal Leeds United. Leeds United and the Washington football team. Eagles. From leads football club. You guys are GonNa have a tough year with leads in Washington football club new coach we're talking about. Embracing. And? All the stars analysis you're sitting out the season. Oh, I'm just bracing for total total disciplined bounce back here for will who had a magical year last year You can't win the nanny every year. Yeah. So We're really we're really going to do the Washington football club thing. The name of the team this year, what do you think? What do you think you call them? That's a silent protest from dense neider for. Change the team name you WANNA keep calling our words one. Yes. Yes I do where you can't show Wall West? No. Go for it. I know other people that are doing it. I mean sure a lot of. All your gear still has no one's buying. I'm staying at our words, banner took office directly in front of my face, you're not going to get. Non. Quote. To No permanent name yet right I taped out all my gear and or So soon, I sewed patches on them. So I'm really yep, you're jolly. Sorry you'll see you'll see that proactive. This year I'm way proactive sure evidence or it didn't happen. Well, I'm not a home right now when I get home show you. His He's GonNa texts, someone to go to his house and so over things. Yeah. We went over there and find it for you tomorrow if you want, you want us to check for tomorrow. Keys. US We'll check it out we'll check it out okay. All right my. Buddy. All right. Guys Joe Biden was out in public again today kind of he gave a virtual address about the reopening of schools something. He is declaring a national emergency I like the declared a national emergency to I'm like fucking slave in my house with online learning shit Biden said quote I, think going back to school for millions of children are the impacts on their families and the community is a national emergency i. believe that's what it is. He said protecting our students are educators, our communities, getting our schools open safely, and effectively this is a national emergency saying that you're just locked inside the house constantly because you right? Yeah. I'm a slave was up the right term, but prisoner is the right term. Do you? Have to help out more with homework now that it's like right in your house have to help out more with now because there's no, there's the teachers are so boggled down with like creating online shit instead of just being able to. They're really hanging on. There's no homework. You're with US you're like. Half of the classes are recorded lessons that teaching. All the teachers learned like shady magic tricks like. Yeah your here's a youtube link is, is like some I mean you Can compare that to like three or four online classes. I. Took during college because they would offer like a couple that was like, oh, it's online and yeah as you know nineteen to twenty two year old man I didn't fucking watch any of that shit like no. No Way, no way though service college courses were I don't know tenure paid attention to that and it's but they were easy to pass. Well they're generally pass fail I. Don't know what these grades are going on for the grade schools but most online classes were just pass fail. No. Literally like if I want to do something during the day, I'm like, do you have any you know recorded classes coming up like any bullshit classes coming up and he's like, yeah, to I got reward class. Okay. Let's go to. Let's go to the grocery already learned Nice Those are time to go do shit. That's awesome. Yeah. It's good to be able to handle college really well with that though that's disrepair more for college. Are they going to be doing like science fair projects and like remotely like how does how do? I do west. Of The lawn? Yeah Right. It's short hours. Yeah sat so. Speaking by synthesis. Yeah music grow grow some herbs or something I don't. He also jabbed at President trump education secretary betsy. devoss Devos divorce whatever the fuck to their Asking them to do their jobs and get some relief funding going for school saying get off twitter and talk to congressional leaders from both parties invite them to the Oval Office and then he's he also said that that trump hasn't shown much grit at all. So he brought out the grit word. I know that's a big thing for you know So what's the? So he's saying that trump should break the deadlock in Congress. Basically, that's his that's his complaint. He say he's saying that he needs to bring the two parties together and get something done because this is a national emergency that cannot wait any longer. And I mean so. Yeah and from what I've been hearing the reopening schools isn't just about the safety it's not just about safety. About like simple logistics having enough staff to reopen schools like teachers cleaning crew cafeteria people not just not just mass coach and safety measures coaches. It's not just about the cove anymore. There's not enough people to open these schools up I. Agree with him on I, think trump should be doing more in terms of. Congress one hundred percent agree Congress's slapstick and it left and right and not doing anything and I think that trump is pretty persuasive and if you really wanted to put his foot down Congress to make some moves but I wouldn't be using the word grit if I was him because he's not. Biden pot calling the kettle black. The Great Guy who hasn't been questioned Raymond in five months or whatever. With everything but the grit. I agree to that used to happen Yeah Definite, stones out of a glass house. Not taking questions now. hines basically. Yeah. So refreshingly, he did come with some solutions to lay out versus just criticizing the president. Saying quote if I were President Today, I would direct fema to make sure our kids K. through twelve full access to disaster relief and emergency assistance under the Stafford Act I'd make sure that P and sanitation supplies for schools qualifies emerges. Emergency. Protective. Measures and on top of that, I would be working with the Congress now today to pass emergency packages for school. So they have the resources they need in order to be able to open safely. You know he also added that he he would be funding mental illness healthcare in schools, which may be may be would bring down the school shootings and.

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