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Newton completed nineteen of twenty five passes to forty seven to touches clued in a game icing strike the Curtis Samuel who is on the rise. A forty two twenty eight twenty eight win for the Panthers over the buccaneers in Charlotte. That's ten straight home wins for the Panthers lookout there right in the mix with that top seed in the NFC to see to and you do not want to go to Charlotte for a lot of reasons. You don't wanna go Wes, the bucks nearly dug themselves out of another big hole with fits magic warming up. But in the end can't wasn't having any of it Panthers. Scored a franchise record thirty five points in the first half. Thanks in part to the bucks offense which scored one touchdown. But had only one total. I first down on the other five drives combined on them or six drives. And then Fitzpatrick started heating up, but James bradberry in particular cornerback from the Panthers owned Mike Evans in this game played him buried. Titan and passes to Mike Evans, were not helping the bucks in this one catch on ten targets. Yes. Bradberry? Played him really tight. Well, this was the game on Twitter where suddenly Norv Turner's name is bubbling up in a way that doesn't happen to know of turnover every often in the century as a coach of the year assistant coach of the year candidate. And the reason this is all happening for Cam Newton in the Panthers. Well, they've got so many explosive weapons now that you you know, we pointed out they used to drip power forwards. And now they have these run after catch monsters in DJ, more and Curtis. Samuel had a great double reverse touchdown eight Munster tape. Tape monster, you take back monsters. I was one of those next-gen runs where Curtis Samuel thirty three or touchdown. He ran for one hundred and three in some of these drives Cam Newton doesn't have to do that much. I mean, there's these reverses there's these short throws in someone who's been kinda rootin- enjoying watching Cam play. This is a welcome change. And we in this room. We were saying we were just excited to get Shula out the door and get a nice professional looking offense it, especially your. I was and I think Turner is a good offensive coordinator. He's been he's been solid wherever he's been. I think McCaffrey might be quietly on pace for two thousand yards from scrimmage is a star the bucks, by the way. Like, they this Fitzpatrick. This is what you're going to get. I mean as as fun as has been is he put them in a whole against Pittsburgh doesn't here. It's not his fault. He's playing at its fine level. They have weapons, but when you have the worst defense in the league and no running game..

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