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December seventeenth nineteen hundred ellis island in new york harbor opens as an immigration inspection station on the day it welcomed over two thousand immigrants. Does the united states the island has been used as an immigration facility. A few years earlier but that building burned down and this was the opening of the fancy new building and would turn alice island into ellis island in many ways the symbol of the american immigrant experience at least in the first few decades of the twentieth century I don't really need to play up. The significance of alice island both in terms of the way the immigrants who came through their transformed in this country but also the place it has in the public imagination. So let's just get into this segment. I will say though that. I really liked doing something. Nineteen hundred nikki. We've done like. I was looking at all the years we've done it with like eighteen. Thirty four nineteen seventeen and nineteen hundred. Nice and clean. That's not the only reason this. But i do like the the cleanliness but mostly for the nice round number. That's exactly. It was just easier to type when i fewer easier to do math. When you're trying to figure out how far away it was exactly. That of course is nicole. Hammer of columbia. Hello mickey hello. Jody and our guest for this episode. Very special guest is brian. Lehrer host of the brian lehrer show on wnyc. Brian thank you for coming on. Jodi and i will say that. I was a producer on brian. Show for many years. I think. Brian is the voice of new york city and the best radio host in the country. But thank you for a guest on this program up. Bryan you've been on. Wnyc for a long long time. Where you do you broadcast live that day in one thousand nine hundred at a else island opened well. I was just back from the spanish. American war of helping the united states establish american imperialism around the world for the very first time. I thought you looked like a rough writer not on the internet long not quite but but let's start actually maybe just Describing the island itself. I mean you want to paint the picture of of where it sits in new york city. Well ellis island is in new york harbor. It's right by liberty island which houses the statue of liberty so they are like a pair. Of course there are so intertwined. People think of the statue of liberty and emma lazarus's palm in conjunction with immigration. But it wasn't liberty island. It was ellis island right by it. That people actually went through and part of it is in new york and part of it is in new jersey and they of actually squabbled and even gone to the supreme court over. Who owns it and i think that turns out to be over eighty percent new jersey. But that's a little footnote..

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