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So he has reversed himself on some of some of these things that the Republicans in the Senate have managed to get him to back down. Let's turn to the other political legal battle this week. Attorney general Bill bar set off a firestorm when he testified that he believes US intelligence agencies spied on the president's 2016 campaigns, sparking short criticism from Democrats for using that charge term. I think there's a spine did occur. Yes. I think spying occur. Think what you said was absolutely true. There was absolutely spying into my campaign. I'll go step further. My opinion was illegal spying unprecedented. Spying. Barr. Also, testified that he plans to release an edited version of special counsel Robert Muller's report on Russia in President Trump's conduct within days. Many Democrats and some Republicans say the AG mush share the full report with congress and the American people and worried that he has too much say over the report. I am concerned by recent media reports that those working on the special counsel team believe your summary to congress glossed over the severity of the damaging actions of those in the White House, including the president the American people should be allowed to see the report in its entirety. So they can make their own judgments about its content Senator Shaheen reflected the view of many Democrats, Nancy when she seemed to be taken aback by the Terni general's position his used of the word spine. What has the attorney general's remark meant for the credibility of the department of Justice as we wait for this report? Well, the speaker of the house point blank said she does not trust the attorney general which in and of itself is pretty remarkable that you have the leader of the house saying she doesn't trust the top law enforcement officer of this country. This is very new relationship. He has only been in this position for a short time and his efforts and his. His aides efforts to sort of clean up or clarify what he meant have only left things more confusing and left some wondering whether he intended for there to be a lot of confusion a lot of murkiness over whether or not he thinks that his own department spied on a presidential campaign. I he said, yes, I do believe spying occurred. Then he said, well, I don't know if any spying occurred, but I just wanna just wanna be clear on that. And it's not like, I'm creating a team to look into it. But I am going to create a team to look into it. So no one on Capitol Hill really understands what it is that he believes there is an inspector general inside of the department of Justice already looking at the Feis accords and the surveillance from the two thousand sixteen campaign. Why do the attorney general get ahead of his own ide- any reporting on that? That's a really great question. And we actually asked Mitch McConnell yesterday when we sat down with him about those spying comments and asking him, don't you think this is kind of a loaded term? What was your? Reacting to it. And he said, look I'm going to defer to the inspector general report and let that play out. But there's no doubt that those comments have really made already. Let's amid what was already kind of this very partisan atmosphere that much more divisive. And I think that going back to the trust issue that you mentioned with Pelosi and something that Mitch McConnell said several times this week is that you either trust Bill bar, and you don't and he's absolutely right now he's in the camp where he does trust Bill bar. But he was also telling us that I am -ticipant without having seen what the mullahs report is going to be. He says I being completely satisfied with what the attorney general does. I believe. Yeah. I man tipping being satisfied with the level of disclosure that he makes and he's basically like you'll see my point next week. Once the report he hasn't seen the report either. So I mean, no matter when the report drops, you kind of already know where Democrats will be nowhere Republicans will be and it's not going to be any more closer to the same conclusion..

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